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Aspartame Addiction
Aspartame Addiction From my observation and feedback, there is NO QUESTION that Aspartame is not only dangerous, but highly addictive. Coupled with caffeine it seems nearly impossible to quit. If that sounds hard to believe, please see my other article on Aspartame Withdrawal. The feedback I have received has been […]

Aspartame Addiction

Non GMO Seeds 1
Why you should be saving Non GMO Seeds Corporate Takeover of Agriculture: Who Will Save Our Seed Supply? For the last 10,000 years, the fate of the human race has been linked closely with that of agriculture. Yet over the last few decades, agriculture as we know it has changed […]

Non GMO Seeds

Healthy Eating Steps 2
Healthy Eating Steps – Rebuilding your clean temple Now that you have finished cleansing your body, it is time to fill it up with some amazing foods! Healthy eating begins with finding things you WILL eat, so try to start out with some of your favorites. There is a huge […]

Healthy Eating Steps

Healthy Eating Steps 2
Detox Steps Why detox your body? Most peoples bodies are filled with toxins that we get from our environment, water, and food, as well as waste from normal cell activities. These toxins are excreted from the body with the help of our different body organs, like the intestines, skin, blood, […]

Detox Steps

Whey Protien Dosage
Whey Protein Dosage Top three tips BEFORE you decide on whey protein dosage: 1. Get raw, grass fed, non-denatured whey 2. Use only when you are working out regularly 3. Get a pure form (NO SOY!!!!!) This is a subject near and dear to my heart. On instructions from her […]

Whey Protein Dosage

Probiotic Side Effects
When to Take Probiotics for healthy digestive system Probiotics are defined as friendly bacteria responsible for biological function. In this article, I concentrate on the reasons we need proboitics, and who is at the greatest risk of deficiency. “By affecting gut bacteria, you can have very robust and quite broad-spectrum […]

When to Take Probiotics

Non-GMO Corn 1
What are GMO’s? Genetically Modified Organisms – For this article, I will be talking about GMO’s in food products sometimes called GM foods. “History has many records of crimes against humanity, which were also justified by dominant commercial interests and governments of the day. Despite protests from citizens, social justice […]

What are GMO’s

Weekend Detox Diet
Weekend Detox Diet A detox diet? In a Weekend? Honestly, that is pushing it. I really recommend you do the full detox program when you are able, but this weekend detox will get you on your way.   “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” – […]

Weekend Detox Diet