Aspartame Addiction

Aspartame Addiction


Aspartame Addiction

From my observation and feedback, there is NO QUESTION that Aspartame is not only dangerous, but highly addictive. Coupled with caffeine it seems nearly impossible to quit. If that sounds hard to believe, please see my other article on Aspartame Withdrawal. The feedback I have received has been no less than astonishing.Aspartame Addiction

This all began with my dear Mother

I have not always been into health and fitness (I used to brag about eating McDonalds in each country I visited). Fortunately at some point, getting healthier just made sense to me. As I was learning, I passed on this knowledge to my Mom. Soon after, she began to lose weight, feel better, and get stronger. All of the old “junk” went in the trash, and was replaced by Superfoods and vegetables. It has pretty much stayed this way with the exception of one thing, Diet Coke. No matter how much she wanted to quit, she just could not do it.  She knows the danger of Aspartame, she knows that it makes you fatter, she knows that it can cause diabetes and brain disorders, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. This is clearly more than a psychological addiction (contrary to common theory). Aspartame addiction is real, and is a clinical addiction as well (please read the many heart wrenching comments on the Apartame Withdrawal page).

Note: As of now, my mother’s Aspartame addiction is under control. She went on the JJ Virgin Diet, and also replaced Diet Coke with green tea. As with other addictions (such as alcohol) it is a day to day thing. Whenever stress comes into the picture, her brain craves a Diet Coke or a piece of chewing gum (most contain Aspartame).

Even with all of my research, I still find all of this to be mind blowing. My gut feeling is that Aspartame paired with the other ingredients in diet sodas makes the total concoction much more addictive and dangerous. I would love to hear YOUR feedback.

“The habitual consumption of “diet” products containing the chemical
aspartame not only risks aspartame disease but also clinical addiction.
The FDA and members of Congress have been repeatedly urged by me and
thousands of outraged aspartame reactors to declare aspartame products
an “imminent public health hazard,” and remove them from the market. The
mounting evidence for their causation or aggravation of headache,
seizures, depression, many neurologic disorders (most notably multiple
sclerosis), visual difficulty, allergies, diabetic complications, and a
host of other conditions — coupled with the potential for addiction —
can be ignored no longer.” H. J. Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P.

So, why is aspartame addictive?

This is a subject of great controversy. One theory is that Aspartame breaks down to a form of alcohol, and then into formaldehyde (yep, embalming fluid) which creates a similar addiction to that of an alcoholic. This addiction happens much faster as Aspartame is missing some of the “natural” components that help the body deal with it. Add caffeine to the mix, and you have a double addiction whammy. It is  not comforting to think my mother, who does not drink coffee or alcohol is both an alcoholic and caffeine addict! How sneaky our food can be.

Note: Almost EVERY gum you find in the store is now made with aspartame (even the ones with sugar). So be careful how much you chew. Trader Joe’s has some gum with more natural sweeteners.

Are you addicted to Aspartame? Diet Coke? Please give me some feedback below. Help me, help others. Aspartame addiction needs to be stopped. It is up to all of us to make it happen.