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Aspartame Danger
. From My research, there is overwhelming evidence that aspartame not only damages your health, is highly addictive, but also can MAKE YOU FATTER!

Where to begin?

This substance has so many faults, it is really hard to decide what to start with. How about the fact that the aspartame you may be consuming is genetically modified, cloned E Coli waste! For those of you down with looking up the science of it, I have a full list of references at the bottom. This is some nasty stuff. Again, please stay far, far away from it.

There are quite a few great documentaries about aspartame dangers and the fraud and deception used to get it on the market (and into your food). I have added a few great ones to this page.

“I wouldn’t trust a word this company says.” (regarding Monsanto)
– William Sanjour, Branch Chief, Hazardous Waste Management Division EPA, 1970-2001

Top ten reasons to stop using aspartame:

1. It makes you FATTER – Aspartame is very hard to break down by the liver, leaving it little energy for breaking down other fats. This results in “fatty liver” which makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. It also causes unstable blood sugar levels, increasing cravings for sugary foods.

2. Major side effects – Some of the most common include: seizures, blurred vision, headaches and migraines. And when I say some, I mean some. If I added every side effect of this product, you would probably get a migraine reading it. As much as 75% of all adverse side effects from food additives come from ONE SUBSTANCE, Aspartame.

3. It is a very addictive substance – Many people (including my own Mother) are reporting classic symptoms of withdrawal including headache, extreme agitation, and that got to have it feeling. This is such an important subject, I have written an article on Aspartame Addiction here. Note: Mom has finally beaten the aspartame monster ( yay MOM)!

4. Lies and manipulation got this product on the market – This is very well illustrated in How Aspartame Became Legal – The Timeline . I would like to highlight the deception of GD Searle was so complete, that the investigators report they “had never seen anything as bad as Searle’s testing.” This resulted in the FDA for the first time ever asking for the criminal investigation of a manufacturer. If it is safe, why lie?

5. It is not good for diabetics – Although the ADA (American Diabetes Association) is recommending aspartame for diabetics, according to many sources it can actually “precipitate diabetes in persons who are genetically susceptible to the disease”. Aspartame dangers seem to outweigh any benefit you may get with your diabetes.

6. It is NOT a natural product – The body cannot process this toxic substance the way it would any truly natural one. Don’t be fooled by the “natural” label. As I said before you are likely ingesting genetically modified, cloned, E coli feces. Stop, just stop!

7. Monsanto owns Nutrasweet – Monsanto is involved on many of the most toxic substances on the planet such as Agent Orange, DDT, PCBs, RoundUp, Dioxin, Aspartame, rBST rBGH. Any product they have anything to do with, is probably something to avoid.

8. Most independent studies find problems with aspartame – Over 90% of the studies that were not funded by the manufacturer find problems with this poison (our opinion). If you don’t believe me, please look for yourself. But be warned, studies BY the manufacturer had a 0% fault rate (interesting indeed). There have also been no long term studies done on health.

9. It is toxic waste – A major aspartame danger is that it is not filtered out by waste water management. So like other pharmaceutical drugs and radioactive particles, it is increasing in our water every time it is used. So, if I am right, and it is not a safe substance, it is leaking into our bodies from second hand ingestion. Even if you don’t drink tap water, it will eventually be in our food in greater and greater amounts through plants and animals.

10. You don’t need it! – It seems obvious this is a troubled product AT BEST. There are so many alternatives that are time tested and taste great. I understand if you have become addicted, but if you agree there is an aspartame danger, then isn’t that an even better reason to remove it from your life? Just switch to one of the sweeteners listed below and you will be far better off.

So, what SHOULD we use for sweetener?

We all need some sweet sometimes, so just try to find the best quality you can. Raw Honey and Grade B Maple Syrup are my favorites. They are both good for you in moderate amounts. In fact, raw honey is one of my top ten superfoods.

For diabetics – There is A LOT more to diabetes than sugar. Looking at your total lifestyle can have a well rounded effect on your sugar levels. I recommend you use Stevia and a moderate amount of honey or syrup together to keep your blood sugar down. Of course you must talk to your doctor and work out the best ratio for you.

In Conclusion:

There are many toxic substances we ingest every day. Some are easy to avoid and some are not. Aspartame and other chemical sugars are reasonably easy to stay away from (but getting harder), and are a major health concern. By removing them from your diet, you may be adding quite a few “healthy” years to your life.

As always, your feedback on aspartame dangers is important. What is your experience and opinion?


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One thought on “Aspartame Danger

  • Melissa Post author

    I have always remembered my first encounter with a artificial sweetener – or it’s packaging rather. It stated in small but not impossible to read red writing, “This product has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals”. End of story – I didn’t use it then, and have yet to do so now – or ever for that matter! I did do some research, and I found two very different conflicting stories surrounding these “artificial sweeteners”. The national institute for cancer research website – ) states that basically it has not been proven or UNPROVEN harmful to humans. The fact that this source has a .gov after it concerns me first, and secondly, it contradicts itself. Sounds like uncertainty to me, and not something to fool around with.

    After reading this article, this subject is again on my radar so to speak as I have always felt that one should look into things, stories, products, etc before being sold on the hype that advertising works so cleverly and tirelessly at that “it’s safe and good for you!”

    End of story (again)

    Thank you, to the author for posting such a great read to get people thinking!

    Los Angeles, Ca