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Aspartame Poisoning


Aspartame Poisoning

This is a reader response I have dubbed Aspartame Poisoning to my series on Aspartame. Read for yourself the unbelievable damage she claims is caused by years of high consumption of Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper. As it may be illegal (even if it were true) for me to say that these products have caused Aspartame poisoning (or any health effect), I will leave that for the readers to decide. Aspartame Poisoning

Diet Dope by Seana Murray

I am a 42 year old woman who has suffered for the last 12 years from weird medical issues like anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, panic attacks, mental fog, confusion, worsening eyesight (was always better than 20/20), insomnia, extreme dizziness, extreme fatigue, worsening weight gain while eating 800 calories and working out 2 hours a day), and feeling like I was living in an alternate reality.

I’ve taken trips to the ER in the middle of the night because my heart feels like it’s jumping out of my chest for hours and hours only two be told my heart is fine. I’ve gone to doctor after doctor, even asking if I had an addiction to aspartame and caffeine, and been told I’m perfectly healthy. I’ve thought about seeing a counselor so many times because I thought I was going crazy – or just one step away from losing it.

But the kicker was going numb – completely numb – on the inside and out for 5 months! I could not feel. I could not tell if I had to go to the bathroom. I could not smell. I could not tell if I was hungry. I could not taste. For five months, I went to see doctors, neurosurgeons, ENT’s, Chiropractors – you name it. None could tell me what was happening. None proposed any kind of diagnosis or treatment. None cared.

So, I decided to do a little research and found a few different diseases with some of my symptoms – but then I found a site that detailed symptoms of Aspartame poisoning. Bingo! There it was in black and white. I didn’t think there would be any withdrawal symptoms apart from the traditional caffeine headache. Boy – was I wrong.

You see, I drank 5 – 8 cans of diet coke/ diet dr. pepper each day, consistently, over the last 25 years. It kept me going. It was convenient. Over time, I began to dislike the taste of water. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But if you talk to a lot of diet soda addicts, I bet they will tell you the same thing! Yes – I discovered I was an addict. I discovered my body couldn’t break all these chemicals. I discovered I was poisoning myself and asking my liver to do an impossible job. I was slowly dying from a product the FDA says is okay for me to consume.

I began my detox about a month ago. Terrible headache and feeling like crap led me to consume ½ a can of diet dr. pepper on the third day. I immediately started having symptoms of dizziness, confusion and anxiousness. So, I thought, I should wean myself off instead of the cold-turkey approach. Every day I thought I would have a can and then after a week go a every other day. Wrong. The addiction was so strong. I began drinking two or three a day again. Two weeks later, I was back to my old ways of more than 5 cans each day and I felt worse than ever. It was when I felt like driving off and over-pass on my local highway, that I really got serious. I knew my health problems – my mental cognition problems – had to be caused by aspartame.

So – a week and a half ago – I made up my foggy mind to get healthy. I have been without aspartame for 8 days. The first day was a string of severe headaches. The second and third days were made up of flu like symptoms, a never-ending-headache and extreme fatigue. The third day brought a slight headache, runny nose and fatigue I cannot begin to describe. I also began to swell in my arms and legs. Little pains and tingles in my left arm and chest began to worry me. My kidneys hurt. Fourth day, I was through with my headache. I chalk that down to caffeine. But I could not get out of bed! I felt as though I was weighted down or tied down. My kidneys hurt. My eyes, cheeks and lips were swollen. I didn’t recognize myself. My legs and arms were swollen tight. I couldn’t bend my fingers – and bonus!- I had an interesting new rash all over my body.

It was then I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. She ran tests. She gave me a cream for my rash. She told me this wasn’t a withdrawal from aspartame and that I was completely healthy. I fired her – and I’m going to send her links to websites like these!

The next day the rash has overtaken my body and face, but my anxiety was waning. My nose stopped running. I wasn’t as swollen. But, my temper was short. Everything was emotionally heightened and I cried for two days (not typical for me). The seventh day was so much better. I still have a little raging temper and a swollen joints, but the anxiety has almost gone. I’m thinking more clearly and can communicate my thoughts clearly and concisely again. I think I’m on the road to recovery.

My goals are to keep going no matter how hard it is. I know aspartame and pre-packaged foods are what has made me sick all these years. I hope to serve as an example of healthy, balanced living to my children and anyone who needs help. I’m even considering getting away from gluten – but one step at a time.

I wish I had known more about the detox process/cleansing processes before I began. That’s why I took the time to write to you today. Please help others get the information they need – this includes doctors!!! Without our health – we simply have nothing! Thank you.

My Response

If you have similar symptoms to what I have called Aspartame poisoning, I hope this readers letter will help you understand you are not alone. This is serious business and it takes a serious effort to detox from addictive substances (see Aspartame Withdrawal). The reader and myself are making our own judgments, and are not doctors, so please make your own informed decisions.

If you have “Aspartame poisoning”, please send us your experience below.

9 comments to Aspartame Poisoning

  • Jean S.

    I had drank diet pepsi since 1981 and gave it up 10 days ago because I had gone numb in both of my arms below the elbows and both legs below the knees. I have transitioned my addiction from 44 oz of diet pepsi to 12 oz of Stevia soda called Zevia. It lessened the headaches and doesn’t have a sweet taste to it, it actually doesn’t taste very good so its easy to keep to 1 can a day. the hardest for me has been the taste of diet pepsi. I have noticed that I have been extremely exhausted, but much of my dizziness is gone and the numbness is gone in 3 of my four limbs, still numb in my lower left arm. I am optimistic that I will feel better but have been discouraged by some articles that say it takes up to 15 months to totally clear it out of my system. I hope it really doesnt take that long.

  • Debbie Gillis

    About two or three years ago I started to drink Coke, for the caffeine. I hadn’t had caffeine in many years as my nervous system does not react well to it. Then, I don’t remember when, I changed to Coke Zero. I was concerned about my weight mostly and seemed to like the taste better anyway. When I made a decision to stop drinking it for the second time, about ten days ago, I thought that I was losing my mind. I was probably drinking about three or four cans a day. I was living in a fog, my anxiety was through the roof and my stomach felt awful every time I drank a can. At one point my family almost sent me to hospital to get mentally assessed. Now ten days to two weeks in, the headaches have subsided but the anxiety is still there, although decreased, my temper is better and for that I am really glad. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was getting wound up about silly things. I still feel somewhat fatigued and run down. The fog has started to lift, although not completely. My blood pressure is generally low and dips from time to time but this seems to have lasted about four days now. Has anyone else had that side effect from withdrawal?

  • suze

    i have never drank any diet drinks, but 2yrs ago started having a sugar free chewing gum & became addicted to it. the last 18mths i have had more illness than i have had had in 50 yrs. so i decided to stop about a month ago, was craving for the gum. decided i would only use it whilst at the gym. now i’ve been diagnosed with labyrinthitis, on top of IBS, gallstones etc etc & am convinced this is down to aspartame & not labyrinthitis. i have so many symptoms of aspartame poisoning & don’t care how bad the withdrwals are. i came off heroin & crack cocaine over 4yrs ago & it can’t be worse than that. i am angry though that i am so ill & yet there are no warnings on anything that aspartame is in, to say it is dangerous. there again life is cheap when compared to money as far as those in power are concerned. i have put it all over facebook about the dangers of this nasty chemical & just hope others will realise just how dangerous it is.

  • I’m on my fourth day no aspartame, I am drinking tea to get the caffeine (really sugar) Today was really bad brain fog and insides hurt! I just hope the brain fog goes away after all this crap is out of me…I have drank diet soda for years, 5-7 cans a day at least! I’m wondering if I will get the rash? I also have coeliac and it has been totally under control since the second day of no diet soda!

  • jeff

    I feel the same. Was in the E.R. last week bleeding internally aspartame was eating my insides. I drank 4 / 44 ounces of diet coke daily-could not get enough. I am on day 10 no aspartame and have rashes all over, swollen hands and feet, exhaustion.

    • Gina FitsEmons

      That’s me a min of 4 – 44oz of diet pepsi a day. people always thought I was kidding when I said I drank 2 gallons a day. its very very easy when you just keep filling up your 44 oz cup.
      I am 30 days without my fix. its a second by second addiction. I still crave it just as if I never gave it up. how are you doing now? did you finally kick the habit?

  • Lynne Williams

    PS to my post. I will come back off the sweetener, but this time reduce instead of just dropping it. I couldn’t take all the bathroom time again.
    ( the blood tests also checked for coeliac and IBS )

  • Prof. Woodrow C. Monte paradigm: methanol is made into formaldehyde inside cells by ADH1 enzyme in 19 specific human tissues — Alzheimer’s, MS, heart and stroke, cancers, birth defects — 745 free online full text references WhileScienceSleeps dot com: Rich Murray 2012.12.02

    A pack of cigarettes gives the same methanol (wood alcohol) as a liter aspartame diet drink, 60 mg, which ADH1 enzyme makes into highly reactive acidic hydrated formaldehyde inside cells, causing specific modern novel “diseases of civilization” in 19 tissues with high levels of ADH1.
    The fetus is highly vulnerable, resulting in spina bifida, autism, and
    preterm birth.

    Prof. Woodrow C. Monte, Food Science and Nutrition, Arizona State University, retired 2004, has presented this breakthrough paradigm since fall, 2007.

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