Aspartame Withdrawal

Aspartame Withdrawal 193


Aspartame WithdrawalAspartame Withdrawal

Not only is aspartame (AKA Nutrasweet, Aminosweet, and Equal) extremely dangerous, it is also very addictive.

Before I go on, please read my article on Aspartame Dangers if you have not already. Withdrawal is just ONE of the many reasons to stay away from this poison (that is certainly my opinion).

Help get the message out

I have expanded the section on aspartame withdrawal here, mainly because of your feedback (see the responses below). Many people have told me that even after realizing just how bad aspartame is, they just cannot stop using it. When they try to stop, they get that “need to have it” feeling. They also experience classic withdrawal symptoms such as headache, anger, or anxiety until they get the next hit.

“No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes, and professions.”– Patrick J. Kennedy


Excitotoxins and your brain

All the reasons that cause this addiction seem to be unclear. We know that aspartame breaks down to a highly absorbable form of methanol in the liver, which impairs dopamine receptors witch decreases serotonin. This causes an addiction similar to alcoholism which also leads to depression and mood disorders. Some drinks such as Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi contain caffeine as well, and seem even harder to quit (Diet Coke seems to be the clear “addiction” winner).

Aspartame (like MSG) is an excitotoxin. An excitotoxin has effects similar to the way the word sounds. It is a toxin that excites brain cells to a much higher level. During this time you will heightened clarity and sharper cognition. After this brief “rush” it actually kills the cells. This is believed to be the cause of many brain disorders from cancer and stroke, to multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Check out this reader response I have dubbed: Aspartame Poisoning. Read for yourself the unbelievable damage she claims is caused by years of high consumption of Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper. There are also many more responses below. This is a much more serious problem than most of us think.

Please let me know if YOU are addicted to aspartame or have aspartame withdrawal. Please also list your symptoms. I would like to help others break the habit.
Please, please, please, help me, help others on this!

Note: Due to popular demand (and my love for the products), I have added the Internal Cleansing products below. This are THE BEST ones I could find. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments on them.

Stevia: There is some controversy over using Stevia. I am a BIG FAN (see Omica Organics to the right of this page). That said, I mix my Stevia with 1/2 Raw Honey or Grade B Maple Syrup. It just “feels right”. Try it, and let me know what you think. Remember, TRUVIA IS NOT STEVIA! It is made by Coka-cola and Cargil (yes, poisoned again).

193 thoughts on “Aspartame Withdrawal

  • Lisa

    Hi I decided to give up coke zero last week as I was spending so much money on it. I would usually drink about 2-3 litres a day and on the weekends too many to count. I’m 41 and have been a Diet/coke zero drinker for about 20 years. Well it is day 8 and I feel great. On the second day of detox I had such a bad headache that I couldn’t go to work and had this ringing in my ears. I have also noticed that I am not eating anything sweet like chocolate or cake and can’t believe that I am writing this, but I don’t want any! People have noticed that I have lost weight (around the tummy). For people that are finding it hard, keep going you will find it easier and you will feel better. So glad i found this site.

  • Leslie Young

    35 yr old female. Consumed 5 to 6 packets of crystal light a day for approximately the last 10 years of my life (major addiction). I don’t like water, so I flavored all my water. I decided to get healthy. I cut sugar, processed foods of all kinds, caffeine, milk, bread (anything that could be converted to sugar), HOWEVER…I did not cut my artificially sweetened drink packets. They are zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs…so what’s the big deal? I held onto that one addiction. The one thing I didn’t wanna deprive myself of.

    So I started reading articles about how “artificial sweeteners make you fat”. How could this be? Long story short, I called a nutrition expert and had the whole thing explained to me. So I cut my drink packets cold turkey. I can tell you this! Of all the withdrawal symptoms I’ve gone through on this journey (be it sugar, caffeine, whatever!!!) Aspartame takes the cake. Immediately within hours of not getting up and drinking my morning dose, the headache set it. By about 3pm I was experiencing the WORST headache I’ve ever had in my life. Felt as if my brain was swelling and pressing against every part of my skull. My muscles went tight. My knees went stiff and joints ached that haven’t ever ached. I was sweating on and off throughout the day. Literally bed ridden and useless. Felt almost like a bad flu. I slept all day trying to sleep off the headache. Day 2, tried to play in a softball game, felt extremely weak, sweaty, jittery, foggy, elbows and knees hurt…head still hurting. No appetite, angry and moody as hell. I shouldn’t have ever gone.

    So today is my day 3 without aspartame. MY HEAD STILL HURTS! My brain feels like a bruise. I know I’m only one diet drink away from feeling better, but I’m not gonna do it. F you aspartame!

    • Eric Post author

      I add Truly Natural Vitamin C from Healthforce to my water now. Every bit as good as Crystal Light IMO and super great for you. Hope that helps,

    • Dawn

      Well done Lesley. The headaches will get better. I’m so conscious of buying bottled drinks without inspecting the additives now but that’s also become second nature. Weirdest thing is going into a pub and not asking for Bacardi and diet coke. For years I gave my kids diet coke as it was ‘better’ than fat coke cos it had no calories. I used to moan like mad if they drank fat coke. Now I’m asking for it too. Good luck with your ongoing battle 🙂 Love and hugs xx

  • Ingunn

    I think many doctors don’t know aspartame can and is addictive. I was at the doctors today, (i gave up pepsi max 5 days ago and i’ve been feeling like crap, not able to attend work) and he said aspartame isn’t addictive. :-/

    • Patty

      Multiple doctors have told me the same thing. How can we get them to warn folks about this problem if they don’t even believe what we tell them about withdrawal?

  • Tonette Lee

    I have stopped drinking diet coke for 2 weeks, and I use to drink a case a week. Went to doctors 3 weeks ago about dizziness she put me on steroids and said it was inner ear infection. Took all meds, 3 weeks later still have dizziness going to make another appointment.

  • Maggie

    I am on day 9 with no Diet Coke. I have called myself the poster child for aspartame poisoning for YEARS, but I never wanted to give it up. I stopped during all 3 of my pregnancies but started right back up after having the babies. This is the longest I have gone without stopping as my youngest child is now 8. I am having all kinds of withdrawal symptoms, but I am wondering if anyone else has been eating the house apart like I have! I am going to bust out of my clothes like the Incredible Hulk soon if I don’t watch out, but I am having to do something to keep from drinking Diet Coke. Anyone else have this symptom? If so, does it go away eventually too?

  • Kenneth Praeger

    This is day 6 of Aspartame withdrawals, The ringing in my ears is not as bad as it was on day 1 , but still there. I was doing 4-6 12OZ. can of diet Pepsi caffeine free a day and then started on sugar free hard candy for dry mouth .I also was drinking decaf coffee , but using 6 packets of Spenda a day.also was getting tinkling thuout my body. My doctor put me on Gabapentin because she said I had nerve damage and that seemed to help the tingling I have many other health issues and I’m not sure if it because of the Aspartame or being overweight. But the terrible ringing in my ears must be from that. I have stopped it all and am drinking water and a occasional glass of milk. I think I should sue someone , but don’t even know where to start.

    • DJ

      I recommend taking Psyllium and Betonite to detox. You can get these at the health food store or grocery store that carries vitamins and health food. I was very sick for 3 days and took the advice of someone on this site and had my friend buy them for me because I was too sick to get out of bed. Within 12 hours of taking these I felt immediate relief. I feel so much better than I did a year ago… it’s amazing!

  • Dawn Rogerson

    Today is day 6 since giving up Diet Coke. I have never felt so ill. If anybody speaks to me today I’m likely to cry. I had 3 nights of going to bed at 8pm and sleeping through until morning. The next 2 nights, I was awake until the early hours and woke at 7am feeling like a deflated balloon. I don’t think anyone realises how bad that stuff is. I’m now 46 years old and Diet Coke was available in 1982 in the UK. I’ve been drinking it ever since. I was a slim teenager. 7st 10lbs until my early twenties. I now weigh my highest weight ever at 17 stone 10lbs. I feel sluggish, have depression, have IBS, muscle and joint pain. Until recently I was taking 3 different kinds of prescription tablets. I’ve been pill free for over 2 weeks and thought it was the pills that made me feel bad. I read something on Facebook last week saying that my symptoms are likely to be Diet Coke (aspartame). As I said, I now feel worse than ever. I had breast cancer 6 years ago too. I’ve also read that I’ll feel like sh*t for a while more. Just hope I can get through it. Sorry if my message seems to be all over the place but head’s mucked up too. Good luck to everyone going through this. I can’t believe it’s still legal 🙁

    • DJ

      I quit 1 year ago this week after 25 years of drinking Diet Coke. I recommend taking Psyllium and Betonite to detox. You can get these at the health food store or grocery store that carries vitamins and health food. I was very sick for 3 days and took the advice of someone on this site and has my friend buy them for me because I was too sick to get out of bed. Within 12 hours of taking these I felt immediate relief. I feel so much better than I did a year ago. Aspartame free is the way to be. I hope this helps you.

    • Sue

      Wow, reading your story about this poisonous addiction to Diet Coke is like reading a biography about myself! I have been drinking 6-8 Diet Cokes per day for 20 years. I’m 45! I also had breast cancer 5 years ago- the first person in my extended family to ever have cancer. I started to feel sickly a couple years before the cancer- headaches, fatigue, depression, terrible joint pain, hair loss, ringing in both ears, irritability and mood problems, racing pulse, itchy skin, and more! My doctors keep wanting to put me on more and more medications. I decided yesterday I had to get control of this or I would kill myself because I am at my wits end feeling miserable. I have been suspecting my Diet Coke being the cause all along- this is my first day without one and I’m feeling edgy, achy, and like I won’t make it, but I am determined to feel good again- I told my husband there will be no more of that crap in the house and I’m hoping I can make it through this! I get sick to my stomach when I think about the possibility of losing both my breasts because of that terrible poison! I would like to hear how your coming with this- I normally don’t message people but your story sounded so similar to mine! Good luck to you!

      • Dawn

        Hi all

        6 weeks (ish) without aspartame. I feel better in myself but in the UK I’m struggling to find an alternative to drink. Diet coke has no calories. We now have a Coke Life here and that’s natural sweeteners but at 89 calories per can it’s not helping my diet. I don’t drink tea or coffee so my only alternative so far is water. Can’t add any flavourings as they all seem to have Aspartame. I’ve tried a few other drinks but I LIKE Coke. So many drinks have artificial sweeteners (Aspartame). I eat more fruit but that’s also more calories. Does anyone drink something else that I could get in the UK plse? Good luck to all going through detox. It’s hard work but definitely worth it. Love and hugs xxx

        • Jennifer

          Do you like fruity drinks? I am working on quitting Diet DP – been a week now!
          I’m drinking naturally sweetened energy drinks – 13 calories per drink. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you the info.

        • Lisa

          Try True Lemon if available in UK. You can order online if not in your area but I’m not sure about the UK. It is 100% natural crystallized lemon that comes in little packets. I put a True Lemon and True Grapefruit in my water and I’m not as bored with it. I’m on week 6 of no aspartame and no caffeine. Still having issues but I’m hoping it gets better.

  • stephanie jewell

    I have drank diet coke for yrs’i dont smoke or drink alchol so a diet coke was my stress reliever.i decided to quit 3 wks ago weaning myself off,wk 1 down to 2 bottles a day’headaches’joint pain,feeling sick and so depressed an irritable.wk 2 went down to 1 bottle.A constant muggy headache and mood swings.No energy and couldnt be bothered to do anything.wk 3 no d coke for 3 days,My head feels ready to explode,just shoot me now!Maybe cold turkey would have been quicker.Determined to carry on but hope start to feel human again soon!

  • Shanna

    I drank Pepsi Max nearly every day for 4 years I decided last Thursday that enough was enough.
    I knew this wasn’t going to be easy but I have never felt so bad in all my life I would rather have a hangover!

    Panic Attacks
    Lethargic (I slept nearly all weekend)
    Mood swings
    Lack of concentration

    I’ve been drinking coconut water which has helped with the headaches and makes me feel better…I’m determined not to give up and have this nasty chemical out of my body for good!

    I check everything now for Aspartame, even Robinsons has it in!!!!

    My friends laughed when I told them about my addiction and now they’ve seen how ill I’ve been they’re not laughing anymore!!

  • Linda Marie Bulmer

    Aspartame withdrawal day 3 for me. I only used it in tea and coffee drinking about 5/6 cups a day. Today I am feeling very angry and frustrated and I have a headache and slight blurred vision. Thinking I should of slowly weaned myself off instead of suddenly stopping.

    • Patty

      I think you’re better off going cold turkey.n I tried weaning off and in the end the effects of withdrawal were horrible anyway. If you can stick with it for 4 to 6 weeks, they will subside …. Hope you can hang in there.

  • Jen

    After an obnoxious amount of digestive upset, numerous UTI’s and 30+ pounds of weight gain, I have finally significantly reduced my aspartame intake. I made the decision one day after feeling incredibly bloated and gross. I was up to drinking 1-2 can’s of Pepsi Max and 1-2 glasses (equal to 4 servings) of crystal light a day. In addition I chew gum, up to 7 pieces a day. I am now on day 13 of no beverages or foods with aspartame. I still chew the gum as I have not yet found a substitute, but only about 3-4 pieces a day. For me, gum is more of a physical addiction. I need to chew on something. I have replaced my daily beverages with plain water, sparkling seltzer water that is only carbonated water and natural flavors, no other ingredients. When I feel like I want some soda, I drink regular. I don’t really crave pop anymore so I only have maybe 2-3 a week. As for caffeine, I take Green Tea tablets. I am more cautious of ingredients in everything. I never had a weight problem until I used “diet” beverages and foods. This sucks as I now have more than 30 pounds to try and lose.

    As for the withdrawal…the first 7-10 days were the most difficult. I have had mood swings between anger and wanting to just cry for no reason at all. I do feel like those are beginning to subside some also. I have also began to get really itchy all over, no rash, just itchy and my muscles are achy. I am guessing that this is my body “cleansing” itself of the toxins. I knew going into this there was no quick fix, so I am prepared to deal with this until I am clean. I already feel better and my digestive system no longer sounds like I have an alien living inside of me. I am less bloated and I am beginning to come out of the fog and feel like me again.

    Thank you for this article, it is a real problem, the artificial sweeteners. I am more cautious now and will continue to be.

    Jen C

  • Jennifer Weinstein

    Aspartame withdrawal: my symptoms – hostility , anger, headaches, diarrhea, joint pain, clumsiness including falling, trouble sleeping, nightmares, jaw pain, dizziness. Diet coke addict for thirty years (3-5) servings per day. Plus equal user. Trying sugar and Pepsi one now.

  • Becky

    Day 8 and I thought I was doing great until I started feeling a yeast infection coming on. I can do this. I can do this. I am 42 and started drinking diet coke in high school. I started drinking more and more. Too much. I weened myself off…wish I would have gone cold turkey though… Side affects would have subsided sooner.

    Heart palpitations
    Joint pain-shoulders elbows wrists
    Lower back pain
    Dry heaving
    Moody swings
    Hyper at times
    Lethargic – missed 2 days of work
    Restless legs
    Blurred vision
    Yeast infection

    I want to know why there is nothing credible popping up on all my searches? And I want to know why they are allowed to still allow us to consume this poison? I must say, I am not looking forward to whatever else is going to happen to my body over the next few weeks. However, emotionally I feel fantastic and I have gotten great sleep the past couple nights.

  • Lulu

    Day 5, second time giving up diet sodas, diet dr peppers and diet cokes being my drug of choice. I am severely addicted, diet drinks have literally been the only liquid I consume other than milk in cereal. I have been addicted over 10 years. The first time I gave it up the symptoms were the same but this time they are much harder to handle. The first symptom to manifest is emotional, floating from anger to sadness to frustration. Then I feel like my body begins a purge, first by canker sores then yeast infection (sorry fellas for tmi) now I’m in the headache and body ache stage accompanied by lethargy and inability to sleep, anxiety and continued emotional withdrawal. I had to leave work early today. This addiction is no laughing matter and I long for the day when the dangers of this poison are more widely known and taken seriously. It’s hard to explain to others what you are going though by giving up the diet drinks, most people don’t take you seriously and that only makes it harder.

  • Julie

    My real problem started when I moved to Canada. I am used to drinking cordials in UK which do not contain aspartame. I rarely drank much diet coke.
    However they don’t have cordials in Canada and the fruit drinks here give me acid reflux, even water has an effect. I found diet coke didn’t upset my stomach so all I could do was use that as my main fluid intake. Anyway 3years down the road I haven’t been well at all since moving to Canada. I have gained weight and basically having problems with the food and drink here (all the additives) I realized this week it appears I have symptoms of aspartame poisoning, so I gave up diet coke three days ago. I found some English Elderflower drinks which do not seem to affect me.
    My first day I felt sick and had cravings for sweet things. My second day I felt flu like feelings and my glands were raised. My third day today I developed a terrible migraine and had to lay in a dark room and I have buzzing in my ears.
    I am however determined to eat healthy now and loose weight. I have gained around 60lbs since moving to Canada yep 60lbs but I am determined to loose it all and regain my health. So three days into my new life. The good thing is I am finally able to shop more healthy and have worked out the system here. Shopping has been difficult as 90% of products are different so basically I have picked all the wrong foods including US fruit which was obviously irradiated. I bought strawberries they were in the fridge over a month and didn’t show one sign of mould.
    I am becoming wise at long last!!!! So wish me luck

  • Amy

    For the last 6 years I’ve consumed between 2-6 cans of diet cola a day. I’m currently on day 7 of quitting and I feel like death… For the past few days I’ve been irritable and lethargic with blurred vision and uncontrollable bouts of depression. Yesterday I was reduced to lying in a dark room all day because of the horrific migraine I had, and today I’m dizzy and suffering with awful vertigo… I now feel the need to tell everyone I know about aspartame. It’s TOXIC!

  • Katie Ammo

    Ugh. I’ve been a regular diet dr. Pepper drinker for about 4-5 years now. It’s definitely within the last 9 months that I’ve increased my intake dramatically. I’d say that I drink between 4-9 cans a day. I’m an addict. And I definitely suffer from aspartame poisoning. And i only just realized my symptoms: fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight gain, carb craving, foggy head, confusion, joint pain, headaches…the depression was the biggest concern. And it’s been getting worse and worse…I thought I was going crazy. I would catch myself mid thought and forget was I was tasking about. At work recently Ive found myself many times having a hard time “getting it together.” Being forgetful, flighty, discombobulated, etc…and I found myself near tears at work like 4 times last night. For no reason at all. No good reason at least. Lamenting over my stressful, but good life. That was my big aha…something is NOT right and I thought it was more than jsut regular depression.

    Today I had a couple cans…I guess tomorrow starts the detox. So not looking forward to it:-( I’m nervous:-/

  • Macie

    Day three off Diet Coke for me. I’ve really bad headaches, blurry vision, stiff neck, irritable mood, constipation and general lethargy. I’ve been severely addicted for about 6 years now and am ready to be rid of this poison, which is all I can think to call it. I’m almost positive it’s responsible for a lot of my pain and inflammation, and am hoping once the withdrawal symptoms die down, I’ll notice an improvement in certain areas of my health. It makes me feel so awful when I go off it, I can’t imagine what it’s doing to my body!

  • Ashley

    I have been consuming diet coke for over ten years at about 400-600 oz a day am trying to make it thru third day cold turkey and the headaches dont stop im to the point of tears didnt think i would notice the caffiene withdraw but i cant seem to stay awake much outside work hating myself and should have listened to ppl along time ago

  • Ellen

    For years I have been hearing terrible things about aspartame and diet sodas, and unfortunately, did not give it a lot of thought. I so wish that I had been paying attention because over the last 15 years I have developed arthritis and it has gotten worse. It started in my left knee, then my fingers have started swelling. I have gone to doctors about my joint pain, and have asked if diet soda was a factor, and I was told no. It may be because they do not realize how much of it I drink. I am going to stop drinking Diet Coke. I drink two to four 12oz. cans per day. I should probably reduce to maybe one per day, so that I can wean away from it. I will miss the carbonation the most. I can switch to iced tea with lemon.

    I do on occasion get headaches, and it probably is from the aspartame. I also get frequent flare ups with my arthritis. The pain has gone to arms. It is sometimes hard to move when I want to turn over when I sleep. I drank some diet coke with splenda. Besides not tasting that good, it gave me a bad migraine for three days. So, I don’t drink that anymore. I am happy to read on some posts that some of you have said that since quitting aspartame that symptoms have diminished. I hope that the aspartame did not do so much permanent damage that the effects can be reversed. That would be an incentive to use aspartame anymore.

    • Gwenda

      Hi Guys, I was very worried when I saw these comments but just recently I had to visit our imminent Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia, I was lucky enough to be treated by one of our best specialist in Australia. I told him about my habit of drinking too much Coke Zero and prior to that Tab, Diet Coket etc. He told me not to worry and that I should continue to drink it, that there are many theories re Aspartame as far as he was concerned it was A OK..

      • Eric Post author

        Doctors typically have very little training on diet. Not sure why this is, but it is a bad place to get food related advice (my researched opinion).

        • Karen

          I agree. Doctors get very little class time on nutrition. Keep in mind the FDA was the one that approved aspartame despite all the evidence against it, and if you research how it was approved it will surpise and appall you. Keep in mind the FDA pushes through drugs every year, that after enough people die, they take it off the market. They’ve even confirmed that the Gulf War Disease was to due to Diet Coke that was heated by sitting in the sun. When it comes to things like this, listen to your body.

    • Karen

      I think I’m still clearing the effects of aspartame out of my body and I quit drinking it over 7 months ago. I did wean myself off of it slowly, slowly reducing it from 6 cans down to one can a day for the last five days before quitting for good. I drink plain seltzer water for the carbonation. It doesn’t have any sugar or artificial sweetners. LaCroix is an example of this, but I buy the store brand because it’s half the cost.

  • Yaakov

    Wow, it is actually very good news to see someone else has experienced anxiety as a result of withdrawing from Aspartame! I quit cold turkey after a 1.5L a day diet coke routine that ran for about 6 years, because of the anxiety I suspected it was causing at the end, and the symptoms of withdrawal seem to be INCREASED and MORE FREQUENT anxiety. I’m hoping my brain chemistry can recover SOON because the anxiety/lack of confidence/down moods are pure H*LL! Thanks for having such a blog for this substance!

  • Giuseppe

    I told a few people about having to quit aspertame. Going through the withdrawels during work has been tough.
    I have to push myself to work. Going through being so tired that all I want to do is sleep. Going through the headaches, body aches, and trying to stay focused to do my job has been tough.
    It has been two weeks now and I still don’t feel back to normal.
    Although a lot of the symptoms has have not come on as strong. The numbess in my fingers and legs is gone.
    I am not as tired. I still get the little rush that feels like a shock is going through my brain, if that makes sense.
    My gums would tingle and feel numb at times when I was drinking soda. It has almost stopped now. My ears are still ringing. But time will tell.
    I hope it gets better soon. 🙂

    • Robin

      My ears ring also and I have been asked by doc if I drink a lot of caffeine. Ringing of the ears, anxiety and my body fat probably being mostly from the effects of caffeine, aspartame and sodium in the diet coke should give me more then enough reason to quit. Not to mention that I would probably be in much better health over all. My body is so very sensitive to any change so I try the weaning but once I can down to just say a can a day the cravings start hitting hard again. I also can relate to someone else saying that their self confidence takes a hit.

  • AnBer

    Hello all ..I have been a diet Dr. Pepper addict for ten years. I consumed at least a liter a day. I have kicked the habit for over a month and yes the withdrawals were terrible! I now have noticed a decrease in the severe fibro pain I suffered from daily but sadly I know this drug, and it is a drug in so many ways, has caused permanent damage. It has now been cleared to be used in non diet products as well so be careful…this includes gum and lower fat coffee creamer. I am amazed in all it is in and it’s for the addictive qualities. I will never willingly consume this product again or any other that has the one of aspartames many aliases. A month out and I can say I am thrilled to be free of something more addictive for me than even smoking was! Hang in there because it is so worth detoxifying! Also the water flavoring products contain artificial sweeteners as well….I couldn’t find one, including non diet, that was free of these toxins. Good luck and I wish you all the best of life and health!

    On a side note my sugar cravings sky rocketed at first but only for the first two weeks and now I am swollen far less often and have begun to lose weight. I can also actually taste food again…this was the first thing I noticed! It altered my ability to truly taste all food! My skin condition and coloring improved as well…these changes felt dramatic in that I hadn’t realized the negative change and had grown accustomed. This stuff should be taken off the market, but it’s big business that is guaranteed loyal users due to addiction.

  • Pam

    I have quit Diet Soda and Sweet n Low for iced tea and just a few days ago chewing gum . I had major headaches for a week, still have some but not as painful. My high blood pressure has come down a great deal. This web site has been most helpful for me! Thank you so much for all the comments and encouragement. I am determined to keep up the determination to better my health. Good luck to those just starting your journey of omitting this bad poison.

  • Jennifer

    Giving up diet dr pepper for lent (thus today is day two) and hopefully giving it up forever. Have given it up before, but have always slowly picked it back up. It has way too much control over me, when I want to be free instead to follow God, to be at my best, and to do what is right! :/ Amazed at how strong its power can be. And now the withdrawl…I was completely exhausted last night, turned in early (something I very rarely do) and then overslept. When I did get up, felt light-headed, just as exhausted as the night before, “not right,” fuzzy-headed, and then developed a bad headache. A friend suggested trying L-Tryptophan to help with withdrawl. I thought I’d be fine, bc I was very mentally prepared to give this up. Interestingly, I do not crave a ddp – perhaps because I’ve gone cold turkey and it is not an option, but was not even anticipating a withdrawl outside of a potentially strong craving. This has caught me off guard, and demonstrates how badly I needed to cut it out of my life. Thanks for your helpful site.

  • Giuseppe

    I went to an ear throat and nose specialist. I went to see him because my ears have been ringing for a few months. Also have had the same symptoms as Gwenda18. I started googling Tinnitus and saw that it might have a link with Aspertame.
    I drank so much Coke Zero. Put Aspertame sweetener in my coffee everyday. The specialist didn;t mention Aspertame. He suggested I start taking Lipo=Flavonoid to see if it works.
    I also have stopped using Aspertame. But everytime i eat something of drink juice. I am trying to find out what ingredience are in the food I eat. It has been a week since I stopped soda, Aspertame and coffee and suger.. I’ve been feeling super tired. Little anxiety at times. I cant sleep. But I have faith that i will get better.

    • Robin

      Hi Giuseppe, I hope this post finds you free from the addiction of this aspartame and caffeine. My ears also ring and I was told by my ENT that it’s probably the caffeine. Have you had any luck with your ears?

  • Vincent Costen

    Like so many, I’ve heard enough about aspartame. Enough that 2 weeks ago, I cut out all the diet/zero/max sodas I’ve been drinking for almost 20 years. I’m 44 & have chronic lower back pain, carpal tunnel, and generally sore hands, feet, ankles, knees (which I chalk up to a lifetime of poor decisions & choice of work). I work through each day, and actually feel ok some days. But- after 2 weeks, I am more sore & achy with mild headaches and often crampy/bloated feeling. Any light work has me feeling like I built the pyramids! On a hunch, I googled “Aspartame withdrawals”, Wow…
    Another thing I’ve stumbled upon is “pro-biotics” and the connection with much more than diet soda! We’ve been “fed” the wrong food for decades…
    Thanks so much, my eyes have been opened!
    Vincent Costen

  • Dave Galino

    Hi. Great website and appreciate everyone’s comments and trying to help others with this aspartame poisoning and withdrawal. Doctors seem clueless. To everyone going through withdrawal … hang in there. Quit this stuff permanently. But if you’re a long term user, it may take a while. Although I’ve still got some issues, I’m 90% better than I was with various aches and pains and my sinus problems improved considerably. And my eyesight in my best eye, which had been getting blurry has improved dramatically (verified by my eye doctor), since i quit.

    I posted back in early January 2014, after I had quit 3 weeks earlier, after using diet Pepsi, and Equal for about 30 years.
    I finally got rid of the pinchy withdrawal headaches after about 6 weeks. But I’m still having problems completely detoxing, as I am still getting some pain in my left sinus, and behind the eye. 2 ENTs have told me it’s not a sinus problem, but actually a neurological problem … the nerves in the sinuses … quite possibly brought on by the aspartame. 90% of my initial pain and bleeding went away within a few days of quitting the aspartame. But, here I am about 10 weeks later, and it still seems to be in my sinus tissue. My sinus is the weak spot in my body so it makes sense that the aspartame poisoning settled there. I’ve tried every detox I can find but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m concerned that the aspartame has caused permanent nerve damage. But I haven’t given up yet. It’s still so much better than it was. Any insights out there ?

    • Karen

      The thing that helped me get past the cravings is that I juice. I make a big batch and freeze it so I can thaw it out as I go and it lasts me a long time so I don’t have to do it daily.

      It’s mainly vegetables, it has green apples because malic acid is great for your muscles, and it includes lemons and beets because they really detox your liver, which is the main filter for your body. It helps me tremendously. You can always start with just some lemon juice everyday but go slowly until you know how toxic you are and how you’re body reacts. This may sound odd, but ask your body what it wants to help it feel better and see what answer comes to mind.

  • monique

    I am going through detox for drinking huge amounts of diet coke and more recently coke zero. It’s painful and ugly. I’ve been drinking this stuff on and off for 20 years and after seeing a blog about the effects of aspartame poisoning I realised that was where I was at. I feel awful, but my will to get better is stronger.
    My symptoms are headaches, fatigue, joint pain, stomach cramping, nausea, dizziness, confusion and I feel really slow! It’s just hideous but I want to be well and I WILL be well. Thanks, Monique.

    • DJ

      Hi Monique,

      I quit Diet Coke in September after drinking it for 30+ years every day. I went through the same type withdrawals you are experiencing. I would recommend purchasing Sonne’s No. 7 Detoxificant (main ingredient bentonite clay) and Psyllium Husk. The stomach cramping and nausea went about within 14 hours of taking. It will make you feel so much better!

      Good luck and stay determined!

    • Patty

      If you stick with it through all the pain and tiredness, it will be well worth it. I can sympathize with you. I went through the same withdrawal for 4 weeks. My best friend was orange juice … As odd as that might sound.


  • Gwenda Erdman

    I recently was diagnosed with low white blood cell count, I have been drinking, Tab, Diet Coke and Coke Zero for over 25 years maybe more. Does anyone know if this can contribute to low white blood cell count? I have gone cold turkey for the last 2.5 weeks and feel much better. I am having tests to see why my white cells are the mean time I would love to hear from anyone who has or had this problem.
    Good luck to you all, Gwenda

    • Karen

      I haven’t had that problem… that I know of, but I do know my immune system is struggling because I’ve been told I’m a slow healer. Please let us know what you find out. Since I’ve been off of aspartame (I was a Tab drinker – Tab at least has less aspartame but even at a lower dosage over the years has caused a lot of the symptoms everyone else is healing from) for 4 months now and it is slow going, but I am improving, and am very grateful for that.

  • Sarah

    I gave up all aspartame products back in September and lasted almost 4 months then my parents visited end of December and I was back on it!
    All was going ok til about a month ago and now I am back to an odd feeling in my ears, my allergies are worsened, my stomach is ultra sensitive, my legs ache and have weird bruises, my fingers ache, I get tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, depression and anxiety.
    This time I need to quit for good!!

    • gwenda18

      Sarah I have had swelling in the legs, headaches, ringing in the ears,aching joints, bad skin, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, depression, anxiety at times..I hope you can stay off it, I have been off it for 3 weeks and I will never go back, it is far to frightening-I want to live a long life, I wish you the same GIVE IT UP GIRL and good luck

      • Sarah

        4 days off the evil stuff, have not had many withdrawal symptoms just nausea, lack of appetite, trouble sleeping, lethargy and mood swings but my raynauds is gone, my joints are feeling better, the tingling in my leg has gone and a lot of the other aches and pains are disappearing!

      • Robin

        Hi Gwenda, your post has inspired me. I am totally addicted to diet coke and I want so badly to be able to quit and trying to prepare myself to try again. I know I am unhealthy and I know I am probably slowly killing myself. I am wondering if you were able to continue being free from the addiction and how your symptoms are now. Did the ringing in the ears stop? Thanks so much!

  • Tracy K

    I just quit aspartame because I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the last year and I’ve succeeded a few times. But, unfortunately it never lasts longer than 6 weeks. I started taking progesterone to help. But, then I remembered someone mentioning aspartame to me about five years ago and I blew off the warning. So, I looked it up and sure enough, I found it causes miscarriage and birth defects. I’m now convinced that the reason such a HUGE number of children are born with autism these days and an even larger number are diagnosed with ADHD and it’s because of aspartame, along with the rest off the artificial sweeteners. I’m including those “made from real sugar” like Splenda. I was drinking diet caffeine free Dr Pepper. So, I’m thinking maybe the withdrawal everyone’s complaining about are caffeine withdrawals. I have been drinking purely soda as my only fluid since high school at the latest. I can’t remember when I started on sodas and I can’t remember ever drinking anything but. So, since at least 1987, when I was 12. I quit caffeine in 12 days by drinking caffeine free Dr Pepper and when I’d start getting a headache, I would drink one of the caffeinated cans that are like 8 ounces, tiny. But, I haven’t had any soda in five days. No withdrawal. I miss the sharp carbonation on my throat, but my future baby is more than worth it.

    What I’m trying to find out is how long before the aspartame is out of my system? If you know that, please email me.

    Thanks for all this info. I want to see the long list of the complications of aspartame too. I’m 38 and have had tendonitis for years, along with joint pain, hair loss, major memory problems, etc.

    Thanks again!

    • Rick

      Hi Tracy,

      I just quit Diet Coke, after a friend telling me about aspartame.
      I was telling him how bad my finger joints had gotten in the past few weeks. I had gotten to where I had to quit my business because I could not use my fingers. Swollen joints, high pain from joint movement, and excruciating pain when I would even just move my fingers. Many things just got impossible to do.

      After him telling me about aspartame I quit in 2 days, from several a day to one a day, for the next 2 days, and then none. Thanks to this site I found out what my next few days was from – ASPARTAME WITHDRAWAL- I had bad headaches, dizziness , blurred vision, high blood pressure, grumpy from feeling like I had a flu symptom. Fortunately I only had the bad headaches for a few days, and then yesterday, I was waking up and noticed that I didn’t have the immense pain in my finger joints. I was amazed, but not sure if it was true or not. As I got up and started moving my fingers, I noticed the extreme joint movement pain was not happening. I still have a stiffness in my hands, and finger joints, but also, I only took about 4 Tylenol yesterday,, I was taking 4 Tylenol- about 4-5 times a day. And that didn’t take care of it, I was ready to find some morphine. That BAD! My finger joints and elbows are still stiff and ache, but about 85% less than before. My wife quit too, she was only drinking about one a day, but feels better too. Also I am not as tired as I was, but one amazing thing is that I don’t crave the Diet Coke! I am working on finding other drinks and waiting to see if the swelling in my fingers goes down, and the stiffness goes away! Thank God for this site and Spell check. Fingers are really stiff and make a lot of type O”s.

      God Bless and have a super day!

  • Karen

    Leanne: (my improvements)

    I had shooting pains in my head for probably the first month or two. It’s been 3 months since I stopped drinking diet soda. Within in the first month my brain fog really lifted and I had some computer issues at the time and it necessitated checking all my files to my backup. I was stunned to find where things were filed. I realized how much my thinking has improved since I got off aspartame.

    My muscle pain was intensified for the first two months and it didn’t settle down much after that except I went into a gallbladder attack so I did some “Stone Free” for 10 days and then did a liver gallbladder flush and now some of that muscle pain has subsided as well as my liver and gallbladder are functioning better.

    I’m finding that aspartame is so toxic that other modalities such as a liver gallbladder flush (and I’m sure I’ll do multiple flushes to really clean it out) and colon cleansing may be needed to really clean this out your system. During the flush the part of my head – only where my hair is, and especially in front where my hair had thinned, was like a spinkler system of sweat during the detox – must have kicked out a lot of aspartame.

    I also read that thinning hair is one of many signs of liver/gallbladder overload. I believe in time all these things can be reversed back to good health. Our liver filters our blood, try running your A/C or the gas line in your car with a dirty filter and you won’t get very far. Clean the filter and your back in business. Apparently it’s a bigger task than I thought it was going to be.

    I noticed that because I was juicing daily it really cut down my symptoms and stopped my cravings. It really surprised me how much easier it was to quit because it calmed my nerves. Figure out what substitutes help you. I drink seltzer water when I want bubbles, and I have a regular Coke once every or every other week, and that works for me.

  • Dave Galino

    Thanks for your website, and comment section. I’ve gotten a lot of good info here, and the encouragement to keep going.
    I must admit that this is tougher than I thought it would be. After getting many of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning, I finally realized that it was the aspartame doing it to me.
    I quit 21 days ago today, but I’m still getting the headaches and spaciness, and I’m getting discouraged. But the research I’ve done shows a variety of opinions as to how long it can take before the headaches go away, 2-4 wks, and even 2 months or more. I just hope it’s soon. It’s my own fault. My wife warned me about it a couple of years ago, but I was feeling fine then, so I didn’t listen. And I didn’t pay attention to all of the warnings for the last 25 years or so. I’ve been drinking Diet Pepsi since it came out with aspartame … and lots of it. I also used about 4-8 packets of equal a day for sweetening coffee, tea, and other things. I had no idea how addicted I was (am).
    I’m become a poster boy, warning all of my friends and family about it … but, just like me, those who use it think it won’t happen to them. One niece who drank Diet Pepsi heavily throughout her pregnancy refuses to consider the possibility that it caused her son to be autistic. Now she has lupus, but of course, the aspartame is not the reason. serious denial.

    Has anyone else been as addicted as me, and if so, how long did it take for the headaches to go away ?

    • Leanne

      6 days ago I became aware of the negative side affects of aspartame and could be a poster child for aspartame poisoning. I was drinking 3-6 Diet Dr. Peppers a day for at least 15 years. For the first two days, I limited myself to one per day and the third day, it just taste bad, so I haven’t had one for four days now.

      Yesterday, I got the headache between my eyes that came and went a few times throughout the day and I was grumpy, so I googled aspartame withdrawals. (I haven’t quit caffeine so, its not that.) Anyway, I am hoping this mild headache is the only withdrawal symptom I have. How long does it take before these other possible symptoms to occur? If I were going to have other symptoms would they have already started?

      Aside from the mild headache, I have actually felt better in terms of mental clarity.

      • Eric Post author

        Everyone reacts differently to the withdrawal. For example, my Mother had almost no side effects from the withdrawal other than the constant craving for Diet Coke.

        • Leanne

          I am looking for comments from people who have successfully quit and the noticeable positive differences they have experienced. Like, they no longer have anxiety, depression, brain fog and etc., All I can find are the horrible withdrawal symptoms that I praying not to experience. I am wondering if those things go away or if the damage is done? I started drinking diet drinks when I was about 25 and never had any anxiety issues. At 26 or 27, I developed issues with anxiety and I am thinking this could be why and I am hoping the end result will be no more anxiety. Are their success stories anywhere?

          • Carryl

            Yes…I quit diet coke almost 3 months ago. I feel better but it took awhile. The headaches and nausea were terrible for a few days and gradually everything got better. I’m less tired most notably. It seems like my memory is better. I absolutely am saving a ton of money. Hang in there. It gets better.

          • Carrie

            Hi Leanne,
            Yes, I quit back in September and after going through the withdrawal headaches, my issue with chronic migraines and headaches is GONE. I think the aspartame in the Crystal Light I was drinking daily was a huge factor. I also have to say that just prior to letting go of aspartame, I also went gluten-free. So that probably contributed, as well. But I think I remember that my headaches went away after giving up the aspartame.

            I have struggled with some of those other things you are mentioning – brain fog, depression, anxiety, etc. I don’t know how much the aspartame contributed to these issues, though I am convinced it didn’t help. But I also have an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and the more I learn about it, the more I am understanding that food sensitivities of all sorts can (and usually do) contribute to these types of symptoms. So one suggestion if you don’t feel top-notch after going through your aspartame detox is to clean up some other areas of your diet from common triggers such as gluten, soy and refined sugars. The Paleo diet is actually a great place to start. You also might consider getting your thyroid levels checked. The thyroid plays a HUGE role in the body and literally affects the function of every single cell, so if it’s not producing enough hormone, you are going to feel it and what you are describing are very common symptoms. If you decide to get it checked, INSIST that your doctor check TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies. Many (most) docs will only rely on the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) but that is not a true picture. The Free T3 and Free T4 show how much active thyroid hormone is truly in your system. And the presence of antibodies would mean that you have Hashimoto’s, which is the autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid. Very treatable with the right medication, diet and lifestyle. If any of this rings true for you, or you are at least curious, then do some online research.

          • Leanne

            Thanks to both of you. Today, is a week without any diet drinks or aspartame and I feel very blessed because I feel fine. I think it was the second day, I had a headache all day long, but I was also having sinus issues, so it’s hard to say which was causing it. My 17 year old son quit drinking them also (by default because I haven’t bought them) and he is having headaches, dizziness and some blurred vision.

            People have suggested that I get my thyroid checked because my hair has been thinning, also. However, I read that aspartame can cause thinning hair, mostly in the temple area which is where mine is and in six weeks, if aspartame is the cause their will be a noticeable difference. But, their is a family history of thyroid issues. My moms is underactive and my grandfather on my dads side was overactive. So, maybe mine will balance out 🙂 However, my mother drinks her share of diet drinks also, so I encouraged her to quit and she did a couple of days after me because she has other symptoms.

            Thank you for your response and all the info!

          • Sarah

            I never had problems with anxiety until I started drinking diet soda in 2001, it has only been 4 days off for me but so far I am feeling a lot less anxious and my blood pressure has come down. My appointment with my doctor two weeks ago my blood pressure was 134/84, today it was 117/74!!!

  • Val Virden

    I have been on a diet coke binge for years. Being type 2 diabetic was one reason to drink them. I have been drinking 2 – 2 liters a day for about 5 years. I admit I’ve been hooked. I have a horrible memory and deal with depression. A couple a days ago I made my mind up to quit. I started having flu like symptoms, headaches, and body aches. I knew then it was the aspartame. My mind has been foggy, cloudy. Yesterday I started to feel worse so my husband and I came across your article looking for answers. He finally went and got me a 2 liter and about and I glass later I began to feel better. I’m really trying to kick this horrible addiction! Advice? Should I just stop cold turkey or began to quit them slowly? I now know how a crack addict feels! It’s horrible! Please tell me how to get off these diet cokes! Sincerely, Val Virden

    • Patty

      Hi Val,
      I had the same symptoms about 3 months ago now. It took me 3 full weeks of flu like symptoms….might even say worse. They will subside. Find what tastes good and go with that. For me it was orange juice watered down a bit. I think it mimicked the acid of the carbonated soda. I don’t think there’s any way around it. Just go through it and it will be worth it in the end. The withdrawal was worse than any symptoms I ever had from drinking the soda. It can be done…you can do it. Patty

  • Karen

    Pure Stevia only is natural and perfectly healthy. The problem the big companies have is that they want to patent everything and so they combine it with other things that are not healthy to control the market under their brand name. Like the person above said Truvia is not Stevia. Just check the label and be sure of what you’re buying and you’ll be fine.

    • Eric Post author

      Thanks for the post. I am working on an article on this subject. I hate to see people going from Aspartame Poison to Truvia Poison. The Omica Stevia on this page is the only way I would go. It is such a great product made by a great company. Trusting companies like Cargill and Coca-Cola (or PepsiCo for that matter) seems foolish given the research available.

  • Judy Laney

    I have been an gum chewer for years, Trident bubble gum. Some days I would chew 3 value packs, and some days chew more. I knew it had aspartame in it, but did not realize until I checked it on the internet. I threw out all my gum, and this is the first day that I have not chewed gum in years. I do have a headache. Noticed not as hungry. I am hoping my body will recover from all of this poison I have been ingesting all these years. The FDA is not doing its job. You have to trust your own body, and do what is right.

  • Patty

    I am on my 14th day of no aspartame. I have so many of the same symptom’s of aches and pains. I noticed headaches and fatigue since stopping. Not only drinking diet soft drinks but the chewing gum I have bought for years also contains aspartame. I was shopping for a new gum yesterday and I could not find one that did not list aspartame as part of their ingredients. Has anyone found a gum that is safe to chew?

  • Carryl

    OK I’m amazed. I’m 31, drinking diet coke daily for 16 years. I’ve stopped one other time, and started again recently for some trivial reason. I’ve been back at it for 6 weeks and in that time I’ve been ill twice and had 2 herpes outbreaks. I connected all that and decided to quit again. Today being day 2, I’m so nauseous I can’t eat, I’ve been up all night with this all over pain. Its so bad a heating pad is the only relief. The headaches have been horrid as well. My husband says I was every bit as bad the last time though I can’t quite remember. It was only in may. I’m quite surprised there are folks who don’t think this is real. I’m a believer seeing as how I’m tied to the bed at the moment. Being exhausted and not being able to sleep is torture.

    • Patty

      Hope you can hang in there. I experienced the same withdrawal and it lasted 3 weeks. After 4 weeks I’m feeling better than I have in years. I drank orange juice a lot…it really seemed to help because I couldn’t eat either. The flu-like symptoms are the worse along with profuse night sweats. Take heart…it will pass.

    • J Seef

      I am having similar symptoms, too nauseous to eat but I force myself with toast and it does help. Also, the all over pain at night! Add to that some dandy dizzy spells and a few headaches. I’m bummed it will take close to a month. I have noticed that drinking a lot of water does help. I will NEVER let that stuff in our house again. I’d like to warn you that I think stevia has it’s problems too. I’ve seen some articles saying they are finding some issues with that too. I think organic sugar is the way to go.

      • Eric Post author

        Interesting! My intuition always told me to do 1/2 Organic Stevia (Omica) and 1/2 Raw Honey or Maple Syrup. Seems going with this “middle way” takes care of most (if not all) the problems Stevia may cause.
        In the end, I would go with what has worked for hundreds of years. Real, natural, organic sugars like honey or maple syrup in moderation are great. Everything else is an experiment. We do not know, what we do not know.

      • Patty

        I had the exact same withdrawal symptoms. If you hang in There for a couple more weeks you will feel better. Just sleep as much as your day permits. The cold chills and sweats will subside. Never again for me either. Please know that there are many who have kicked the diet Pepsi habit who are pulling for you as we hare suffered the same effects.

  • Pat hanley

    Thank you to all who have given testimonies here. I came down with a ‘bug’ 8 days ago. Been drinking diet side for many years. What I notice when I get a virus is that I can’t drink diet Pepsi so it takes me a very long time to recuperate from any illness. Of course, as soon as I can, I go back on the diet soda. I’ve been having all the symptoms you have mentioned. The fatigue is the worse. Sleeping about 14 hours a day…or more. I’ll be emptying my stash as soon as I’m feeling better. The support of this site has been very helpful.

    Thank you,

  • Karen

    I’ve been a heavy Tab drinker for over 40 years. When Diet Coke came on the market, they stopped advertising Tab (but I can still get it at the store.) I tried Diet Coke and two cans later reacted very badly to it and went back to the store to get Tab. I immediately calmed down.

    I wrote Coca-Cola to find out the percentage of aspartame because it is mixed with saccharin. (I also read somewhere that even though saccharin had been safe for years that once aspartame came along the makers of saccharin were told they could be in limited products if they contained a cancer warning.) The percentage of aspartame in Tab (at least when I inquired) was much less that Diet Coke. I’ve stuck with Tab with the years, and to be honest, I’ve read information about aspartame for probably a decade, but kept shoving it out of my mind because I’m addicted.

    I also wrote Coca-Cola again, many years later about the possibility of using Stevia. They said that they were talking about (if I remember correctly) about using something new they had called Truvia, (that I believe they were already using in Canada) and it’s a mixture of Stevia and aspartame.

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1990, so if it was added around 1983 that equals about 7 years after they added aspartame (lower amounts) into Tab. The pain became so severe and limiting that I eventually became disabled and haven’t lived much of a life. I also had other health problems with my spine.

    For many years I’ve tried all kinds of cleanses, etc., however I never gave up the Tab. I tried numerous times, but would go back.

    My doctors have basically done all they can and I have been on a search for other healing modalities. Even when I’ve “confessed” to my doctor that I drank an easy 6 cans of more of diet soda every day, they never said a word.

    Decades ago, when I was healthier, I was juicing almost daily, and I realized that’s what probably kept it at bay. All the research I’ve been reading says there are a couple main elements to health, one of them being how we handle stress, and when we are over stressed, the weakest part link goes first. Of course, drinking a “legal” (should be illegal) substance containing aspartame is going to get you.

    I had seen this movie “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” some time back and I guess I wasn’t ready then. But I kept thinking about it, and I remembered how good I felt when I was juicing regularly. The movie is inspiring, and it occurred to me that it is probably my answer because the people in this film reversed their illnesses and got off of all medications. It occurred to me by flooding their body with nutrition turned back on their immune system, and once you do that your body will self heal, which it knows how to do.

    I was set to start and then I realized I had to get off of caffeine… get off of Tab. These people fasted anywhere up to 60 days on juice, but one woman did it for 10 or 17 days and her blinding migraines ended. And this is one thing the drug companies (hopefully) can’t touch. The less we need them the better for us. (I do buy organic vegetables. With all these modified foods it’s getting scary about how much nutrition we get.)

    As I go through my withdrawals I wanted to find what other people have experienced. As I get the Tab/aspartame out of my body I’m drinking juice as well as eating and it makes the transition easier. I can really feel it when I don’t drink my juice. I’m hoping that as I become completely free of Tab/aspartame that I will transition into a complete juice fast.

    It may sound extreme but I figure after living in extreme chronic pain for over 23 years, if I could turn on my immune system and let it do it’s job I could see a vast improvement or a complete reversal into good health in 60 days.

    If anyone wants to see the movie for free here’s the link:

    I hope it inspires others as well. They do offer coaches for a fee, but I’m doing it on my own. There are a number of vegetables that contain protein. I have never been good at eating vegetable, but juicing is completely different. It’s like getting Chinese food, or a bowl of vegetable soup, when they’re mixed together it’s a different animal.

    And for the lady that has colitis, I have that too. I add cabbage into my juice because it is suppose to be able to heal ulcers.

    I guess when you’re in great pain, you hold onto anything that gives you (temporary) pleasure, like Tab, because it’s easier than giving it up. As a person in the movie said, he wasn’t in denial that he had diabetes; he was just in denial that he had to do something about it. I guess that’s been me. I congratulate all of you who have succeeded in quitting your addictions and I hope I will join your ranks quickly.

    For Diane Flemming I send my prayers. I wish that any evidence they found later could help her, but I guess as long as people are being paid off to allow these poisons into people it doesn’t seem like it’s possible… but I like to believe anything is possible. I hope she gets her miracle and is released.

    As for all these people who are causing harm to people around the globe I wish somehow we could find a way to stop them. Either way I believe in Karma, and I’m so thankful I don’t have theirs. We need government leaders that refuse payoffs/job opportunities, and will follow the laws they make to protect the public.

    Thank you all for sharing, it is so appreciated and helpful.

      • Karen

        Hi Eric,
        Thanks for writing. I do know Truvia is not only Stevia, it’s Stevia mixed with a chemical compound so I won’t drink it.
        I’m glad you gave a link and info for everyone. The FDA is so controlled by the drug companies that they do everything they can to withhold the things that are good and natural for us, like Stevia, because the drug companies can’t patent it, as I’m sure everyone knows. I guess the only way we’ll end it is by stopping to ingest harmful products like aspartame.

  • ZAJ

    Im 28 years old and ive been drinking around 2 liters of Diet Coke a day for the past 10 years. I used to be overweight when i was 18 and frankly the Diet coke helped me with my weight loss at first.i got hooked and couldnt stop drinking it.Since then i have gained all the weight i lost and then some while still drinking Diet Coke.i also started feeling many disturbing side effects this last year. Blurred vision, inability to concentrate, short term memory loss, strange headaches, pain in my deltoids and neck. I did an MRI which showed nothing and i also went to an eye doctor and a neurologist and they did all kinds of test and still nothing. One day a women i know told me that she had the same problems and her doctor told her to cut aspartame from her diet and she never felt better. 2 days ago i decided to stop drinking Diet Coke and im currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms are real and range from headaches to pain in the legs like if blood is returning to able to concentrate a little better and feel that i have been living a nightmare all those years. I hope i can return to my former self and relive a happy life.

    • Amanda

      Hi all…. I’m back and I did quit my diet cokes…. Only thing is I never had a fraction of all these withdrawal symptoms reported by most of u here. I was anticipating a ruff time based on these reports. Other than mentally missing and wanting my daily dietcokes….I was fine. I’m not discounting ur stories as everyone’s bodies react differently to different substances and I was just lucky and fortunate to not have suffered in letting my bad habit go. I wish u all well in ur journeys and hope wish u all strength and peace and HEALTH!

  • Jane

    Wow, I’m reading all of this and feel like I’m looking in a mirror.
    I’m 42 and I drank coke for years, then switched to diet so I could cut out the sugar. Switched one poison for another.
    I quit the 5-6 can a day habit (coke zero) and the chewing gum/mints. It’s been about 7-10 days now. I had headaches at first … thought it was just seasonal allergies, but maybe not! Now I’m exhausted, joint and muscle pain as if I were coming down with the flu. Really thirsty, so I’ve been drinking a lot of water and tea. I’m urinating more frequently (I don’t think I’m drinking more water than I was coke zero – just replaced it) my stomach is making all kinds of gurgling noises and I’m mildly constipated.
    Despite all this, I feel like my body is thanking me.
    My concern is this. I have colitis (started before the soft drink habit, so I don’t think that’s the cause although it didn’t help) so I’m reluctant to try any of the cleanses. Are water and green tea enough to flush all this garbage out? I want to help my body, but don’t want to aggravate the colitis symptoms.
    Thanks for this page – I’m so glad I found you guys!

    • Jen

      Jane – we are in the same boat. I am 41 – been drinking diet coke for years – and have STOPPED. I have been thinking lately a lot about when I was pregnant 2 years ago – and how GREAT I felt during my pregnancy compared to how crappy I have felt since I had my Emma – and have come to realize that the reason was diet coke and aspartame in drink mixes. Since I have stopped (last Friday) I have been achy, with headaches and going to the restroom a lot more, with a gurgling stomach and very tired as well. I am hoping this will pass – and have considered trying a colon cleanse to completely rid my body of this crap. I am 41 – and should not feel like I do on a daily basis – since I have traditionally been healthy and active with a lot of energy. I am glad i found this board as well.

      Good luck to you!

      • Jane

        Hey Jen – Hope you’re doing well!
        Just checking back in … I’ve been off the soda for 3-4 weeks and am happy to say I feel GREAT!! Still having some strange symptoms … mostly of the eliminatory sort, but even that has been far more “regular” for me than it used to be. Dizziness, pain, headaches tiredness are gone. I get wiped out sometimes, but hey – I’m a single mother to 2 teenagers. Most important, they noticed that I’ve been happier and more energetic.
        I never did a cleanse, as I said, worried about the colitis. I drank a LOT of water and green tea. I’ve also been drinking lemonade and ginger ale when I need some bubbles, but don’t want to overdo it on the sugar.
        And seriously … we both quit diet soda during pregnancy for the sake of our babies, but it was ok for us? What demented logic hahaha!
        Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been lucky by the sounds of it … my symptoms seem pretty much over. I guess our bodies are all different. Stick with it!

        • Jen

          Hi Jane – I just started my 4th week off of Aspartame, all artifical sweetners and sodas in general – and at the beginning it was rough. But things have started to level off and I am doing much better. Less headaches and the nausea is pretty much gone. No more muscle aches either. I have had more energy and feel like my mood has gotten better as well. Glad to hear you are doing well too.

  • Rob

    I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi on September 13th, as well as using artificial sweeteners of all kinds. I was probably a 3-5 can/day drinker, and/or a glass or two of unsweet tea. I felt fine for the first 5 days….I could not tell a difference in anything; at that point, I started feeling EXTREMELY fatigued, as well as a dull headache. I started coming home from work, and taking a 3-hour nap. I would get up and eat, and then go to bed for the night. I did that for a week and a half. I also have felt dizzy, and that my head sometimes feels like it is being “squeezed.”

    It has now been 17 days, and I am still experiencing the dizziness. The headaches are not quite as bad, but they still occur. I hope this ends soon!

    • Rob

      After 2 1/2 weeks, I decided I would try anything to get rid of the dizziness, fatigue, and headaches. I went to the health store and bought psyllium husk and betonite clay. Within 24 hours, I could already notice a diffenerence in how I felt…after about 3 days, ALL of the symptoms were gone.

      I have not had a diet soda since Sept 13th, nor will I ever have one again! I am drinking a glass of sweet tea each morniing and evening, but everything else has been water…

  • Jennie

    I quit aspartame on Sept. 9th & I have been having very weird symptoms since then. First the tip & sides of my tongue hurt & burned. Now my entire tongue hurts & burns. My lips are major swollen on the inside of my mouth & my right cheek too. Also it sounds weird but part of my nose is numb and tingly.. Any ideas?? I’m Freaking out wondering what in the world is wrong me. Could this be from aspartame withdrawal?? Ive not read on here about other people having symptoms like this. I’m about to the point of buying a diet Pepsi to see if these weird symptoms improve. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanx

  • Cherie

    I ordered some bentonite clay and pysillum husk or whatever it is called and eagerly await its arrival so that I can see how I feel once I give it a try. I am utterly stunned though to report that my eyesight is already that I have totally removed the artifical sweeteners from my diet. This morning I noticed immediately on waking that I didn’t actually need my glasses. I was looking at my mantelpiece clock and could actually see the hands on it. I can’t remember the last time I could do that without my glasses on. It is shocking to see how many food and drink items contain it though. Will report back once I give the clay a try.

  • Amanda

    Thanks for all of u who posted! Especially Harriet who was so concerned about everyone else and helping them. I’m not ready to share my story but wanted to wish u all well and declare war on diet coke tomorrow. After reading what u all have written here … How could I not?

  • Cherie

    I have just been reading this with interest as I briefly glanced at an article in a magazine about medical symptoms associated with artifical sweetener. I have terrible aches and pains in my arms and legs and wondered if there might be a connection. I had 10 days in France recently and was amazed how after about 7 or 8 days my eyesight improved. So much so that I commented to our friends that I wasn’t needing to wear my glasses half as much. Now we are back home and three weeks later I am using them every bit as much as I did before going to France. It never occurred to me that there might be a connection to artificial sweetener. In France we hardly drank tea or artificially sweetened drinks much preferring water. I have immediately removed artificial sweetener from my diet today and will report back in a few weeks time any improvement (or lack of). It is probably only psycholgical but I feel rattled and shaky already. Any advice on detoxing my body would be appreciated. I don’t want to hear about one of these fancy detox kits though.

  • DJ

    Hi, I’m 49 years old and have been drinking Diet Coke for approximately 25 years. I decided to stop cold turkey five days ago. On day three I started having horrible stomach and upper chest pains, bloating, tingling in my fingers, horrible headache and eventually vomiting, chills and sweats. I had my daughter search the internet for Diet Coke withdrawals and she found your site… Thank God! We read the posts and I called a friend for help… I asked her to purchased PSYLLIUM HUSK and BENTONITE CLAY recommended by a few people who commented on this site. I started taking it on Day 4 at approximating 10am, then another dose at 3pm drinking plenty of water in-between. By approximately 5pm my stomach pains started to subside but my head and body still ached. I took another dose at 9pm. Through the night I continued to have chills and sweats but woke up on Day 5 feeling a little tired with a slight tinge of a headache but nothing like the days before. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s scary that you have to go through withdrawals like this for something that doesn’t even have a warning label on it!

    Also, I never realized that I had so many symptoms of Aspartame Poisoning until I found this site. While drinking Diet Coke I have experienced fogged vision, trouble concentrating, memory loss, anxiety, numbness in my fingers, joint aches and horrible cramps in my feet. I contributed this all to getting older. I’m looking forward to a healthier life without Diet Coke!

    I can’t imagine ever wanting to drink another diet soda now that I know its actually poison! I’m done and I hope you are too!! 🙂

      • lynne williams

        these symptoms are the toxins coming out through your skin. I purchased Bentonite clay and Pysillium husk from ebay, mixed it with diet shakes and used it as the cleanser. It cleans the intestines out in a gentle way. It didn’t take long after using that for me to start feeling well again. I feel great now. Good luck keep plugging away and you will soon feel good. x

    • Cherie

      I have every symptom that DJ listed. I too put it down to getting older. I will have to take a look at bentonite clay and pysillium husk now that I have read Lynne’s reply to DJ’s post

  • sarah

    I am 57 hours into this coming off Aspartame, have been drinking diet sodas for around 10 years and quite a lot of it. I tapered down and had no artificial sweeteners or caffeine in the 57 hours. I had some stomach discomfort (aka diarrhea) yesterday and again today and now getting a killer headache….
    I feel quite alone because no one I know sees this as a big deal. I have a very sensitive stomach so quite concnered.

  • jennie

    I have been drinking diet Pepsi all day every day since i was a child. So now ive been constantly drinking this stuff for 30years now!! I am always thirsty, so i always have a diet Pepsi in my hand. For years my mom (who ironically started me on this cux id always drink hers) has been saying it’s bad for me & to quit. I really didnt listen or see a prob with it cuz it has no calories or fat & almost no sodium. She said the aspartame was bad, but then again she thinks everything is bad so of course i didnt listen until she posted an article on fb the other day. Wow! Ive been suffering from all those symptoms in that article. Iv got extreme pain & numbness, fatigue, severe migraines, major anxiety, depression, foggy head, blurred eyesight, minor memory loss, sometimes slurred speech & have recntly been diagnosed woth a hereditary neurological disorder that shares the same symptoms as multiple sclerosis.
    I am now 24hours off of diet pepsi/aspartame!! I am shocked that this stuff is causing so many probs for so many people & that they are allowed to keep putting it in our food & drinks. I hate the taste of regular pepsi/coke & i feel bad from drinking all that sugar. Luckily I have found PEPSI NEXT for when i feel the Need for a pop. It does not have any aspartame or splenda in it & much less sugar than regular soda. It also has caffeine in it which im not ready to give up yet. 1 thing at a time, plus i think asparatame is the main problem.
    So far im ok, but my tongue burns & hurts (weird) & my throat hurts. My stomach is also making tons of loud noises. Im hoping so much that ditching this aspartame is going to help me cuz ive been in constant pain & have been miserable. I do have hip dysplasia & the neurological disorder (CMT) i mentioned above & i know im not gonna get rid of those but im hoping my symptoms will be lessened & that ill have a better quality of life. Thanks & goodluck to everyone, Jennie

    • jennie

      I forgot to mention that i have also quit i ibuprofen a few days ago. Because of my pain i have been taking about 2400mg of ibuprofen a day for years. The drs have all said its perfectly fine for me to take that much, but i believe that i now have ulcers from it & all thst diet Pepsi. I have other meds for my pain & probs but have always needed the ibuprofen too for inflamation. The reason why i mention this is cuz im wondering of it’ll make my aspartame withdrawal worse considering im already in more pain by cutting out the ibuprofen. Thanx again, Jennie

    • Eric Post author

      Simply put: GET OFF THE DIET SODAS PERIOD!!! (and yes I meant to yell this). Drink green tea, or water with lemon or anything. If you need sweet, you can get it from the Omica Stevia on this page, or REAL sugar (maple syrup, honey, etc…. Most store Stevia IS NOT stevia. It is another chemical made by Pepsi or Coke. Stop being a sheep and get off the poisons. Sorry for the tough love, but, you need it.

  • myrna1313

    Wow. I cannot believe this. I am 50 years old and finally went to see a doctor two years ago for really weird sensations – muscle spasms in my stomach up towards the neck, blurry vision, fatigue, facial tingling, pressure in the ears, etc. I got some Zanax for “anxiety” although I live a pretty stress free life and am not anxious, etc. Over the past weekend I over indulged on my beloved Diet Cokes. I have been drinking diet soft drinks since I was 15 years old. Anyway, I felt particulaly bad with really bad muscle spasms all weekend that were getting worse. I was on facebook Sunday evening and read an article about aspartame poisoning and I was like OMG – I have soooooooooo many of those symptoms, I drink so much diet soda – I could be poisoning myself. I haven’t had one since Sunday – today is day 5 for me. I still have a lot of symptoms, but they are less and I am hoping that by eliminating this poison from my body that eventually all these other symptoms will lessen, although I heard that some effects of aspartame poisoning are permanent. I am vowing to never ever drink another diet soda for the rest of my life. I have loved them for years but if all this going on is because they are poisoning me – I’m done. Best wishes to the rest of you on here. I think we all share the same story and I am so glad that I came across that article about aspartame – I had no idea.

  • Rocker

    UGH! I quit Coke Zero three days ago…I feel horrible. Sinus pressure, dizziness, feeling like I am going to throw up, I have pains in my stomach and chest. I’m taking naps which I NEVER do. I am a healthy person and I eat a low carb diet…I thought sugar was evil! I’m still drinking two cups of coffee with a splenda. This stuff is evil…I am jonesing so hard, I know that if I just drink one it will go away but I am going to get through this. It’s hard being at work feeling like this. The govt. should be ashamed allowing this chemical to be in our foods. Stay strong everyone…we know we have to do this.

  • Edee

    Im 24 years old and have been addicted to diet coke for the last 20 years qit has been my sole source of fluid intake. ironically a doctor told my parents to give it me as a toddler to make me eat more.
    As i have grown up i have drunk up to 3 litres a day.throughout my childhood my parents tried to wein me off the stuff but the withdrawls were too awful so they gave up as i never personally wanted to stop as a child. I first heard about aspartamine poisoning about 10 years ago but dismissed it as i was healthy. In the last 7 years iv developed sever allergies; lymphodema; and asthma. I still could not see the need to give up diet coke despite family and doctors advising me to do so. Doctors couldnt understand the withdrawls and just kept saying i was being awkward. In march this year i was admitted to hospital with severe palpitations i was advised to come off caffeine; so i started to drink caffeine free but i decided aspartamine had to go too. I realised half the problems i had in the past in giving up diet coke was trying to quit two addictives. So i tapered down my caffeine intake and i quit caffeine for good in June this year. On 1 september (yesterday) i gave up diet coke for good. My last drink of caffeine free diet coke was at 9.19pm on 31st august. I still dont have a new drink im trying to drink water but its vile im trying to drink pure orange and sprite (only soft drink i can find with no aspartamine) to give me the fizz but im already fed up of it. Yesterday i had a headache and today i have been irratible but around 48hours after i started violently throwing up. This withdrawl was much worse than the caffeine withdrawl im determined to keep going but iv never felt this rough even with a 72 hour bout of niro virus i xan honestly say i have never felt this rough im hoping there is an end to this but right now i cant see one 🙁

    • Harriet

      Well done for givin up I know how hard it is but keep going ! …. When I first gave up I actually didnt have too bad a reaction but after a few months I started getting really ill. This was apparently because it stores in your body in your organs and fat cells etc and when it realised into the blood stream to be removed it causes the symptoms again. Well I have been very sick this year because my body couldn’t get rid of the stuff so it’s all just kept circulating around my body!i have tried many many things and the only thing that has helped me is large amount of edible bentonite clay …. Check it out it absorbs toxins in your body. Take it until your symptoms are gone ! I have tried so many things and this is the quickest way to get it out of you !
      Good luck you can do this ! X

        • Eric Post author

          I have added links to the bottom of the article, and images on the side for these products. I believe Whole Foods has psyllium husk, and perhaps a liquid zeolite (which is much like bentonite). In my opinion, Whole Foods has “sold out” and it is getting harder to find healthy food there. I suppose it is the best of evils if all you have is Vons, Costco and Walmart. Good luck, and let us know how it all works out.

  • Josh

    I am weak. Day 2 and I got massive stomach cramps, tingling feelings all down my arms and legs, headache, and dizziness. I went to the store and bought 4 diet pepsi’s. Now I am on my second one and feel just fine. I am mad at myself, but will not give up hope. This sucks, maybe I should try tapering off.

    • lynne williams

      OOOO not good love, resist those withdrawal symptoms love, throw any diet pepsi you have left away. Look on ebay and purchase PSYLLIUM HUSK and BENTONITE CLAY, have it in diet shake or plain water, it’s not great but it does work very hard and will collect all those nasty toxins before they come out via your skin, it cleanses your intestines without giving you trots. Stay focus on getting cleaned out of aspartame. Good luck. xx

    • Karen

      I was the 6 cans/day Tab drinker. I cut down to 2 cans/day, and I was going to do that for a while but the next day I went to 1/day and did that for one week before stopping. I made sure I had green tea to get some caffeine and I have some La Croix Lemon carbonated water for when I need a jolt of carbonation, (seltzer water works too) although I mainly stick to water. Maybe these things will work for you too.

      Some people can go cold turkey, but for me, even going to 1 can/day was a huge change and that, along with all the people here who’ve shared, has helped me to get really determined to do this. It’s my 3rd day without any Tab, but I’ve had headaches since I cut down. If you get any muscle cramping magnesium helps.

      I enjoy reading everyone’s story. If anyone has had huge improvements in their health or illnessess reversed since they’ve been off of this for a while, please share, it’s really the thought of those things that keeps me determined to keep off of this for good.

  • Bonnie

    I drank at least a 12 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper a day for many years. I thought it was better for me than regular sodas because there was no sugar.

    I had no idea Aspartame was dangerous until a friend saw the suffering I was going through and realized how much Diet soda I drank and encouraged me to research Aspartame Poisoning. As I went through the list of symptoms I was shocked to see that most of my symptoms were on the list and I had seen doctors across the country to try to diagnose me for years without success.

    I immediately stopped all Aspartame and went straight to drinking water. Within a couple of days I woke up with flu-like symptoms. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics and did a throat culture but told me it could just be a virus. (The throat culture was negative). The next day I began vomiting profusely and having watery diarrhea. My body felt like it was on fire and I was drenched in sweat with cold chills. When I looked in the mirror I looked like a detoxing Heroin addict and I felt like one too! It was the worst 24 hours ever.

    My husband said he has never seen me that ill in our 26 years of marriage. I thought I was going to die. Thankfully, I did not. I rehydrated with Smart Water and now only drink filtered water and tea. I stayed off solid food for a few days and eventually the nausea and vomiting subsided. I still have the flu-like symptoms but they are easing up also.

    Today marks my 8th day off all sodas and especially Aspartame. I’m not 100% well yet and don’t know if I’ll ever be but I’ll never return to drinking or consuming that poison again!

    Already I’ve noticed a major difference in the symptoms caused by the Aspartame. I no longer have the intense pain in the soles of my feet when I stand on them, my joints are no longer swollen and painful, my blurry vision is a rare occurrence instead of a daily one as it had been, my memory is improving, I no longer have tremors, my constant craving for sweets is gone and I’m feeling pretty great. I lightly sweeten my tea with sugar but I’ve lost 13 pounds since stopping the Aspartame which is kind of funny because I only began drinking it to try to lose weight and I gained 30 pounds over the years I drank it.

    The withdrawals were awful but I believe the worst is over and am looking forward to being forever free from that poison from here on out.

  • Josh

    I am quitting Diet Pepsi! I have been drinking it for years and am at about 4 liters a day. Like Rebecca I had many other addictions in the past that I had overcome and didn’t see the harm in drinking diet soda. As the years have gone on I now feel very sick; nauseous, dizzy, jittery etc.. It all makes sense that I am suffering from aspartame poisoning and it frustrates me that I have to quit the one thing that has made me happy! But I am doing it anyway since it clearly is starting to affect my health adversely. However, this time I am quitting the aspartame but not caffeine. I found an all natural diet soda at Whole Foods I will be drinking. It tastes like crap, but I am interested to see the how I feel without the aspartame while still keeping the caffeine. Yes, I have tried quitting before cold turkey, and it was so miserable that I couldn’t do it. After two days I gave in and bought a bottle of diet pepsi, and wouldn’t you know it, after a couple of chugs I felt right as rain. I have just finished day one and so far I have a mild headache. I just want this aspartame out of my body and I will work on the caffeine another time. I hope this natural diet soda (it has Stevia) helps alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

  • Tracey

    Hi, I’ve just started day two of the detox and got the shakes, headaches, dizzyness etc, but tonight I’m breathless, sweating and coming out in hives (urticaria) – is this part of the detox?? Also, the things you suggest taking during the detox – are they available in the UK? ?? Many thanks xx

    • lynne williams

      yes it is part of the detox, try taking bentonite clay and psyllium husk, it will collect the nasties and clean your intestines too. I put it a diet shake and drank it straight down, i did it this way and was so much better. I haven’t had any more canderel since,and i don’t drink any pop etc to ingest any aspartame in those sneaky ways. Keep going, yes it’s rank but at least your body will recover. xxx

  • Jen

    I have tried to kick aspartame out of my diet. I just went 5 days w/o any at all and my fatigue is so bad that I can barely get around to take care of my kids. I have been in tears b/c I feel like the worst mom ever. I have some Crystal light drink packets and I broke down and had one this afternoon. I water these down way more than what they say…I use 32 oz of water instead of the 16.9 oz (an average bottle of water) it calls for. Quite literally after a few sips, my energy came back, though I still feel a bit weighed down. It wasn’t until this moment that I got the full realization of what was going on. I don’t have a caffeine addiction, these have no caffeine and coffee hasn’t helped at all. It’s got to be the aspartame! I have even snuck some of my hubby’s regular coke and it didn’t help. I have found all sorts of info about what aspartame does to you and what the withdrawal symptoms are but nothing about how to help w/ withdrawal. Taking a month in bed to get over this is not an option. I have babies to take care of. The only thing I found was some sort of high dollar energy drink which is ridiculous…I’m not going to trade one addiction for another! There HAS to be something natural to help…some sort of plant or tea or something (no pills). I would appreciate any knowledge or info on this that has worked for anyone else. Thanks so much, and thanks for this site.

    • Roxanne

      Hi Rebecca! Those symptoms are so real. I have rid my body of aspartame/sucralose/HFCS for five months now. I’ve never felt better in my life. My kids love that we have stopped buying products with any of that in it. And they are even reading labels. Look for a good -Stevia like Omica Organics- (edited by Eric) for a natural sweetener. Or try Zevia I love that soda, especially that it satisfies my soda craving. You will feel so much better. Rebecca, you can do this! Please fight this thing for yourself and for you children.

      ~Roxanne Hedman Hill, 44
      Auburn, CA

    • lynne williams

      Try and bring in some energy foods,this should help. Busy mums and dads and working people need to make the withdrawal as easy on themselves as possible to fit in with their daily grind. Look for energy foods to help with that tiredness. Try the bentonite clay and psyllium husk i mixed it in with slimming shake, makes it taste better, though i could down it in 1 with just water (blehhhh) but it helps greatly. I am well over the 25 to 30 yrs of aspartame addiction now. Thanks to these guys on here, all very helpful. Good Luck Jen, and everyone coming off it. xxx

    • Eric Post author

      What worked for my Mother was the JJ Virgin Diet. She was already eating really healthy, but for years she could still not quit the Diet Coke. For whatever reason, the JJ Virgin Diet worked for her. I have read the book and it is pretty good, if not a bit challenging. I would also look up ways to change habits. Often it is the reward triggers that cause the relapses. Also, I highly recommend reading the other responses. I prefer real world solutions, not just theory. Good Luck!

  • glenda

    Is it safe to drink french clay twice a day? Am trying to detox after heavy aspartame use for 30 years. One site says drink only once a day, another says twice. Just want to detox as quickly as possible but still safely. Also, is it safe to use activated charcoal along with french clay? Grateful for any help you can give me!

    • Eric Post author

      I am a big fan of clay. Most humans and animals digest clay to detoxify. We have just removed it in the Western diet. I suggest finding something as close to nature as possible. There should be no “ingredients”. I would say take it slow and see how your body feels about it. In my own experience, drinking large amounts of chlorella and water then clay water works well. Chlorella to remove the toxins, clay to bind and get it out of the body. About 15 to 20 minute time delays seems to be best.
      Let me know how it all works.

  • Sharon

    I have been a diet coke addict for about 35 years having as many glasses a day as to empty a 2 liter (or more) bottle. I have always been plagued with one ill feeling or another it seems but then about three or four years ago, to add to that, my legs started to ache even more than usual.They would hurt so bad I could hardly walk some days, would cry as I sat and wanted to sleep the pain away. I thought it was just age and me being me. I started eating healthier and gave up the diet coke. Within two weeks of stopping my legs felt better. Thought it was all in my head. I went without diet coke for about 4 months and then started drinking it again when I traveled to the Okanagan. Within the week my legs ached again. I have gone through this process three times to check it out to see if it did indeed make a difference and each time it is absolutely the same. I haven’t had any now for about a month and don’t intend to as the pain is just not worth it. I have since done some research (I have always been told about the perils of aspartame) and have come across many articles about people who who, like me, have literally thought they were dying from some strange ailment as their joints, muscles and body in general hurt so bad.

  • sean

    I would love as an addendum you added more detailed scientific research about this. I have no problems believing the truth in the concept but, would love to read more.

    • Eric Post author

      While I do agree more science would be great, I think the “proof is in the pudding”. What I am saying by this is, when you read the comments from REAL people, it is pretty hard to deny the results. Watching my Mom freak out if she couldn’t get get her Diet Coke was much more convincing than the science I have read. Also, I have not read anything I thought was “proof” scientifically. There are many great theories out there, but nothing I would say “nailed it”. If you see something, please pass it on.
      Did you watch the video? Have you read the article on Aspartame Danger above? I think both of them show you the scientific dangers. The reasons for addiction are theory at this point in my opinion. I imagine the scientists that made Diet Coke and diet Dr Pepper know, lol.

  • Pierre Poirier

    I have tried many times stopping drinking diet colas. a week or so after i stopped drinking it, diarrhea stopped, intestinal discomfort stopped. I never thought of aspartame as addictive, but it takes one can of soda and i am back drinking it every day. So, yes, it is addictive.

  • Jessica

    I am 25 years old and have been drinking diet sodas about 2 times a day, sometimes up to 6 or 7, for the past 5 years or so. I started drinking them to lose weight, but really have not been able to lose any, even though I changed my diet. The past couple of years I have had a severe bout with hives, that lasted over 6 months and major digestive problems. My acne has also increased and I have been having headaches and joint pain.

    I decided to quit drinking diet sodas on Saturday. Today is Wednesday. The second day, I had a major headache. The third day, my stomach was upset. The fourth and fifth day, I didn’t really notice any symptoms. Today, the 6th day, I am feeling very shaky, jittery, and week. My arms and legs are trembling and I feel like my heart is beating too fast. I am also light headed and feel overheated.

    I am trying to detox my body starting today by drinking a detox tea, drinking plenty of water and taking a psyllium fiber supplement. I had already increased my water consumption, as I was replacing my soda with water.

    I am glad that I found a place where others have experienced some of the same problems with aspartame and artificial sweeteners as I have. I hope to be cleansed of them in the next week or so and start losing some weight!

    • Holly

      Jessica and Jaime, you two sound like what I have been thru in the medical world for the last 10 years! I quit aspartame a few months back, with accidental exposure now and then as it is hidden in so many foods. No doubt the stuff tastes great to me. My hook is energy drinks with aspartame&tons of caffeine. I have a lot of permanent damage as I was in college when it hit the market. Jessica, you are very young – good for you finding an answer early enough to not be like me now! One thing I can’t shake is the low level depression that set in with stopping the stuff. I am trying many things to counter this affect and perhaps as I look into this withdrawal (I still crave the stuff) I will find things others have done. I won’t lie, the thought of having my favorite drink makes my mouth water, but instead of avoiding hereditary diabetes, I have diabetes AND multiple sclerosis AND aspartame withdrawals / addiction, and DANG, I hurt all over! How awesome can this garbage get??

  • Jaime Hurst

    My name is Jaime, and I believe I was killing myself with aspartame. I drank a mixed drink that contains it for almost 2 years. I would say 84 oz + daily. I thought using this I was getting my water and helping to control my diabetes.

    In the last 2-3 months my health has quickly gone down hill. My vision has gone crazy, my energy is nonexistent, I’ve developed this “fog” where I can’t remember. I get so confused sometimes (different than the why did I just come into this room kind of confusion) the confusion like when did I come into this room? Or if I was speaking and someone else would speak at the same time, I forgot what I was saying, and what we were even talking about.

    The “fog” was bad enough, then I started getting major weakness. Picking up a pitcher of water to fill my cup was like lifting a car. I would literally shake and use all my might to hold it with 1 hand. Pretty embarrassing when you have a 7 year old looking at you like, “Wow mom, Really?” I’ve also developed numbness in my face, arms legs. Pains in my muscles and joints, hair falling out, acne, just an all over yucky feeling. I’ve been looking up my symptoms and have found MS, Thyroid, (which I’m waiting for blood work to come back and ultrasound of the lump in my throat) I’ve been one scared woman as of late. Not knowing what was going on was so overwhelming.

    Now that I’ve found this page, I’m blown away. I CAN NOT believe what I’ve been doing to myself. I can say I haven’t had any aspartame in 2-3 weeks. Just a decision I made before I knew of the side effects. I still feel terrible and wonder just how long it will take to rid my body of this? I don’t want to feel like this any longer…I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

    Thanks to all,
    Jaime Hurst
    Vienna, WV

    • Harriet

      Hi Jamie !
      It makes me so angry that this is still going on and causing so many health problems for people , I’m sending you a hug because I know exactly how it feels. Make sure to stay away from any artificially flavoured foods ,you might also want to look into the body ecology diet , I’m following the plan at the moment because I have experienced something called candida whilst trying to detox and it had made my problems worse. I’m now starting to see alot more progress. It sounds likely that you also could also be suffering from
      A case of candida , it often happens to people who have alot of toxins in there body and one of the major symptoms is brain fog like you said. Like I said have a look at that website and also look into the body ecology diet it is also supposedly very good for people with diabetes. If I can help you with anything else please do ask and know that your not alone. If your working and are feeling really awful see if you could possibly get a little bit of time off also try getting a colon cleanse kit this will help remove the toxins faster .
      Hope you start feeling better soon Harriet

  • Sandy Miller

    I avoided aspartame for years and years, but recently decided to drink diet sodas as part of trying to lose weight & still having caffeine. Yesterday I overdid it because I felt so tired and lacked energy. I drank 36oz coke zero, 12oz diet cherry Pepsi, and an ”energy” crystal light packet. And a piece of gum. I spent an awful night of sweet tastes in my mouth (coming on for days but awful last night), weird smells that wouldn’t let me sleep, nausea, etc. I checked my symptoms and everything adds up to aspartame poisoning. Dangerous stuff! And it actually causes obesity worse than sugar. This taste in my mouth and odd smell will NOT go away and I feel completely drained and out of it. Detox time.

  • Elaine Thompson

    I have stopped all aspartame and any other artificial sweeteners after 42+ years of use!! I am doing this “cold turkey” and believe me it is Hell!! I am on Day 5 and I think I am actually going to live! I had my doubts (seriously!!) on Day 3!! I actually had the shakes – felt like the earth was shaking!! I am stopping all artificial sweeteners due to the horrible side effects that I FINALLY realized were caused by these TOXINS!! I had too many bad side effects to list them all but here are a few: fluid retention (no medical reason was found for fluid retention – currently on 2 meds for this), weight gain, abdominal pain, bloating, SEVERE muscle and joint pain to the point that I could hardly walk, I felt Horrible for pretty much the past year but the past few months I actually thought I was going to die! I can remember a year ago I felt so bad I prayed that I live long enough to see my first twin Grandbabies! I felt that bad!! I will NEVER touch another food that contains an artificial sweetener. I already feel 100% better than I did last week!! I sincerely hope this message reaches at least one person and you’ll stop poisoning your body to DEATH!! I truely believe if I had not stopped this ingestion of poison I would not be here much longer! Best Regards!!

  • lynne williams

    hi Harriet, thank you epsom salts on my list now. Got the bentonite and psyllium, starting that in the morning. Will keep you posted. I wash in dermol cream its good for eczema and sensitive skin like mine. xx

  • Debbie

    I hope this reply is in right spot. The symptoms have escalated,mostly head stuff.I’ve had alot more pain also.I can’t belive this stuff is so much of a secret and so terrible to come off of.

    • Harriet

      Hey Debbie
      Sorry your feeling so terrible , i know how it feels ! But try hang on in there ! The problem I had was I got worse coming off of it because I was releasing all these toxins but my body wasn’t getting rid of them. I’d really really advise doing a colon cleanse, or taking a couple of tablespoons of castor oil a few times a week will really help clean you out and I guarentee it will help you feel a lot better and help to flush those toxins out ! It takes disgusting but if you mix it with juice hold your nose and down it it’s not so bad ! Theres also what i told lynne to take psyllium and bentonite (food grade) you take a teaspoon of each mixed in water or juice followed by more water it helps remove toxins out the body but make sure if your going to use this you are regular ! Other suggestions get a supplement or herbs that help the liver through detox as its working hard to try get it out of you . Also try to get some excersise to get your lymph system moving . Hope this helps slightly , it is awful that this information isn’t out there let as many people know as possible ! I really hope you start to feel better soon !
      Harriet x

      Edited by Eric

  • Debbie

    I Tapered Diet Pepsi for 6 weeks.For 18 days I have been so ill. Is this really Aspartame? Should I go back to half a can and taper from there? I really need help.

    • Harriet

      Hi Debbie I really would advise you to stay off it it’s a nasty poison! Your feeling bad because the toxins are leaving your body. If I were you I would try doing a detox. Lynne is doing get some pysllium and bentonite take a teaspoon of each with lots of water they help to remove toxins out the body. Whatever you do make sure you are going to the toilet at least a couple of times a day lol. That’s where I went wrong and ended up poisoning myself even more ! If you arnt going enough I recommend dr shutzle intestinal formula 1 , or doing a few flushes with castor oil ( nasty but really cleans you out and makes you feel much better ! ) make sure your eating well and getting lots of water too !
      Hope this has helped and hang in there ! We are all here for you and know what your going through !

      Edited by Eric

      • lynne williams

        Hi Harriet, just popped on to say, I have now have hives on my face, lips and starting on my eyes, itchy itchy ! everything is working fine harriet, no constipation, also drinking plenty of water. I hope you will be all clear very soon. xx

        • Harriet

          🙁 poor u ! I know how you feel I had these but mainly for me it’s been eczema type rashes ! Hope ur feeling a bit better today if you can get your hands on some Epsom salts and have a hot bath with these it’s very good for detoxying the skin !
          Let me know how everything goes its nice to talk to people who understand what your going through!
          Harriet x

  • Anna Van Valin (@AnnaVanValin)

    I’ve been off Diet Coke for four days and oh my GOD the symptoms are incredible. Stomach cramps, headaches, I keep having to turn down the brightness on my monitor because it feels like I’m staring at the sun, I’m so bloated my pants don’t fit. However, my mood and energy are leveling out even with less than a week off the stuff, and I can tell this is the right thing. I have a history of depression and cancer in my family, and I myself am a stroke survivor, so the diet coke has to go. I’ve been drinking filtered water with lemon, detox tea, and greens. Hopefully this will only last a few more days. Stay strong everyone!

  • Lynne Williams

    I came off Canderel sweetener ( aspartame )in January, and ever since have had diarrehea, tummy cramps, migrains, arthritus pain in my thumb has got worse. Has anyone else had these symptoms? I have been to doctor and over 9 weeks have had stool sample checked for all manner of bugs, the result was negative, had blood tests done, also negative, so as all this coinsided with coming off canderel i can only assume it is that !
    I have re-started to take it and there is a marked difference, where diarrhea was daily several times a day, I am now only having one loose but not watery trot off to the loo, i can actually leave the house again, i feel better in myself too.
    Thank you
    Yorkshire UK

    • Harriet

      Hi Lynne
      So are you back on the candrel ?? If so then I would honestly stop it immediately. It sounds as though your body is trying to purge itself of the toxins which is good ! I know it may be a little annoying but it should get better if you stick to a detox plan , if you want to know anything else please ask I have been battling trying to get rid of these toxins for months and finally starting to see light !

      • lynne williams

        Hi Harriet, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I went back on it, yes I will get back off it. Those 9 weeks of diarrhea really took it’s toll on me,I was very restricted as to getting out, because it was unknown why I was having the trots, I never for one moment thought it was a withdrawal of the sweetener, but it has proved it is because now the diarrhea has stopped totally! I now know for sure and I am coming off it, this time gradually this time cutting the sweetener in half, cold turkey is way too much for me.
        Thank you for your encouragement Harriet I will be free of it soon. Take care. Lynne x

        • Harriet

          Hi Lynne
          I can imagine what a pain that must have been but am very happy to hear your gunna come off of it 🙂 ! I was extremely addicted to the stuff and its made me so ill that I can hardly leave the house at the moment ! If you can get your hands on french green clay or bentonite and psyllium you can take this and it helps to clean the toxins out of you , you take about a tablespoon of each and mix it with water or juice a couple of times a day . This may also stop your diarrehea as it adds bulk to your stool i would also try and stick to a plant based diet as much as possible for a couple of months.

          • lynne williams

            Hi Harriet, off it again as from today,not had any at all. Thank you for all the information, it is much appreciated. I will look into getting the suggested items and will check out the web site too.
            Thank you. Hugs Lynne x

          • lynne williams

            Hi Harriet, good news, I am still off the canderel and no diarrhea ! I am still getting the bentonite and phsyllium you recommended and will take as you directed. Thank you. Hope you are ok. xx

    • Harriet

      Hi Lynne !
      Very glad to hear your doing better !! Well done and hang in there ! With the psyllium and bentonite start off with just a teaspoon of each and make sure you drink lots and lots of water !!! I can’t stress this enough otherwise you can end up constipated and that’s even worse lol !! If your nt having regular bowel movements. I’m doing ok off to the doctors later as they think I may have colitis or crohns but I believe all these symptoms are stemming from me trying to rid these poisons from my body so we will see what happens ! Also one more note make sure the bentonite (Eric recommends Zeolite) is food grade and that it is calcium bentonite and not sodium bentonite !
      Let me know how you get on ! And hope this information is helping you, it’s nice to know others are going through the same things !
      Harriet x

      Edited by Eric
      For more info on Bentonite, vs Zeolite go here.

  • Jackie Kammer

    I am so glad I found this.. I have recently cut back on my caffeine and cut out the aspartame… Being from the south, we like Sweet Tea, and for I don’t know HOW long, I have thought I was making a better choice for me and my family by making “Sweet n Low Tea” instead of sugar tea… Since I have started the detox of the aspartame, I have felt like I have been aching all over, and I am miserable! I didn’t know if it was something to do with the aspartame detox I am doing, or if it was just me being miserable! I am on unsweet decaf tea now, my family is still drinking my sweet tea.. I do believe I will start putting just a minimal amount of Truvia or Splenda to wein them off of the aspartame as well.. This mess is for the birds tho! The withdrawls are horrible, and I had a headache as soon as I laid my head down for the first three nights. Thanks ya’ll for all your information you have provided here, and I know I’m not going through this all alone!

  • Stephanie

    I’m 37, and was drinking 3-4 cans of Diet Coke a day. I quit drinking Diet Coke last Monday. Last Tuesday I felt as though I was going to pass out at work. I got very dizzy/lightheaded and clammy. These feelings minus feeling like I was literally going to pass out continued along with tension in my neck and shoulders, feeling shaky and weak. I felt like I could barely do anything. My pulse would race, and did so even after laying down for an hour. I was also having severe anxiety attacks which I had before when I quit smoking. I thought I was dying. I felt like anytime I just walked it was too much for me and I needed to rest. This would come in waves. I then realized these started up after I quit diet coke, and I’ve chalked it up to aspartame withdrawal after reading everyone’s experience with it, and the fact that everyday that goes by I am feeling a little improvement. I’m going to start juicing tomorrow, and I hope that helps flush this poison from my body.

  • pip

    I just want to thank you all for posting about this. I am a 32 year old female and i think i am also suffering from the effects of this hideous poison. For a few years now i have felt increasingly not myself, i used to be happy, energetic and outgoing, and now in all honesty i feel fatigued, depressed unsociable and just not right. The reason i think this is my problem is that i have noticed i feel extreme anger and following depression after drinking the beloved diet coke, and i begin to feel really mentally foggy and ‘out of it’ for a good 3 days after consuming gum or coke. Not to mention the effects on my stomach, i bloat like a balloon.
    I never thought something i drink,that everyone seems to consume, could be my issue, but i now see it is. i am on my 3rd day off it and have had to cancel plans as im so teary, depressed and tired, my head feels strange this normal? I am a vegetarian and am otherwise healthy, its more the mental effects of this shit that has seriously disrupted my life, i feel like ive been in a mental fog the last couple of years because of this.
    I just want to know if anyone else feels like this from aspartame, i worried i was maybe depressed but in all honesty its not in my nature and i dont have anything to be depressed about, and the correlation of me drinking this plus what follows leads me to believe im not crazy or alone in this. This needs to be banned and i hope you are all doing well off this poison. Just needed to vent!!

    • Roxanne

      I feel so much better for having been off aspartame and other artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup, now working on refined sugar. All the artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup cause addiction, and almost all the same withdrawal symptoms! It’s a hard to stay away but you will feel better for it! Truvia helps with my coffee, only need one packet. I only buy natural sodas now. Virgil’s Root Beer is awesome! Really read the labels! Aspartame needs to be banned; and now dairy wants to put it into milk. Drink lots of water to rid your body of all the toxins; and get a massage to help with it too. Glad we realized how this impacts our bodies, now to get the word out to family and friends.

    • Linda Spurgeon

      I’m recently trying quit aspartame I’m compltely addicted to diet dr pepper. Since I’ve cut down to one a day I have been experiencing severe depression worst than I’ve ever had before in my life. At first I thought it was just a slight blue mood but now I’m wondering if its a withdrawal symptom of aspartame.

  • Dawn

    I think I am struggling with Aspertame (and sugar). Until Sunday this week, in a typical day, I drank a 44oz diet coke plus 6-12+ cans per day. Since Sunday, I drank 3 about cans of diet coke each day and I feel like crap. I have kept the caffeine for now through the use of caffeine pills because I know that I can’t get out of bed during a caffeine withdrawal. But I am angry and sad and just miserable. Today I had cookies and I still felt crap. I have three diet cokes left and I swore that I’d not buy any more. I quit diet coke for several years once. And I have quit several times in the past few years (hence how is know I can’t get out of bed when I quit caffeine) , but I always end up “using” again. In the past month or so I’ve felt dizzy (causing a very expensive trip to the emergency room) and have had a lot of joint pain in my left side. I wonder if it’s the diet coke. I suppose that part of me just doesn’t want to know the truth because it’s one of those things I love. And one love always leads to another love… Diet Coke always leads to sugar. Sugar always leads to diet coke. The sad truth is that I feel so powerless against it. It controls me. I doubt my ability to quit for good because I have failed so many times in the past. A true addict never stops being an addict. Despite my involvement in 12 step programs, 4 years of therapy and nutritionists and my own research, I still can’t beat this. I feel just downright pathetic and out of control over something so simple as what I put in my mouth. I hate myself for this, despise with disgust and distaste.

    • Harriet

      Hi dawn
      I know exactly how you feel I was a massive addict and still trying to get this crap out of my system ! I know how hard it is but you really do need to stop , it wasn’t until I stopped I realised how bad it is and what havoc it causes on your body ! Now it isn’t gunna be easy at all but there are some ways you can make it easier for yourself ! Firstly have you heard of stevia ? It’s a natural sweetner , if you can get you hands on it you can make your own sugar free drinks maybe just add a little juice and some sparkling water ? Secondly I recommend getting some activated charcoal , it helps remove the toxins. Thirdly make sure that you are eliminating well or you will suffer from autointoxication like I did ! I recommend taking a few spoonfuls of castor oil a few times a week it will properly clean you out ! Make sure your eating well try to avoid dairy and wheat !!! If you follow these steps it should help you ! I hope I’ve helped in some way if there’s anything you wanna ask as I’m going through the exact same thing !

  • G.C.

    diet pepsi addict.. 7 days in and i feel like garbage, multiple times a day. my roommate quit same day as me and has been very achy and overly tired. ive been thinkin about a colon cleanse as detox and due to the fact that ive been extremely constipated since, im afraid that will keep more toxins in my body and make me feel worse. ugh damn aspertame!

    • Harriet

      Well done for getting off it i know how tough it is ! … I really recommend you do a colon cleanse ! I wish I had known this as ended up suffering from something called autointoxication and am still badly suffering now and am actually in a worse place than before ! 🙁 so I really do reccomend it ! Some things that have helped me , if you can get some activated charcoal and have a teaspoon of that in water a few times a day it helps absorb the toxins that are released and that’s some stress off the liver. Another thing that has really helped me is castor oil. It’s gross but taking a few tablespoons in the morning every few days in a glass of orange juice really cleans you out !! I also suggest taking a multivitamin . Good luck and stay positive 🙂

  • Jo m

    I stopped drinking diet Pepsi on Saturday night after thinking I was going to die the pain was special bad and googled it and came up with aspartame poisoning. I spent all day Sunday in tears with headaches and sore eyes and I got up today still in tears feeling like i have flu coming and weird head pains over my left eye. Dry sore eyes also. I feel so ill how can this be something legal that did this…I dont know what to do next.

  • Roxanne

    With some research by my partner, we have as a whole got rid of most sodas, trying to get rid of GMO foods, high fructose corn syrup in our household for our kids’ and our own health. However I have been still drinking my coffee with a sugar free french vanilla with my coffee, that sugar substitute is called sucralose (Splenda). I got over the flu last week, not touching coffee until two days later. That Friday, I drank 3 normal cups of coffee with the sucralose, I usually average about a cup to two cups a day. Then I switch to tea (no sweetner) and water. I was fine for the weekend, had maybe one mild headache. I was drinking my coffee with half-n-half and truvia and some times real sugar, only having one to two cups a day. Then Monday, I felt like I had the flu again. My head feels like it was going to explode, and still does. I haven’t had any coffee since Sunday still, so is this a caffeine withdrawal or a sucralose withdrawal?

    • Eric Post author

      With your level of use, it is likely a little of both. This should pass within a few days as you are not a “heavy user”. Please keep us posted on how long your symptoms last.

      • Roxanne

        Doing so much better. It lasted about a week to ten days for me. My headaches/migraines only last up to three days. The flu symptoms were off and on for that ten days. I was eating some Club crackers, looked at the ingredients … high fructose corn syrup WTH in crackers! If regular food and drinks have high fructose corn syrup, then the diet/sugar free foods and drinks have aspartame or sucralose. They figure they will get us either way! 😉 Drinking iced tea, coffee (with truvia and half and half), water of course, some all natural fruit juice.

  • gary

    I am a 22 year old type 1 diabetic and I’ve been drinking diet coke since I was first diagnosed at age 6 usually around 2-4 cans per day on average. Around a month ago I decided to cut out all diet soda from my diet and replace it with water / milk / juices. As far as withdrawal goes I have been experiencing some chest tightness, mild difficulty breating, fatigue and headaches but overall nothing too bad. I am somewhat conserned that I’ve been drinking it too long and caused damage. But nevertheless, I intend to stick to my goal and cut all sweeteners out of my diet.

  • Emily

    I’ve been drinking diet coke about 6 cans a day for the last 3 years since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I read an article on fb about aspartame poisoning and decided to quit! This was yesterday. As the day went on I started aching from head to toe. I knew I’d have a headache from caffeine withdrawal so thought I was getting the flu. Again for the second time this year. I have stomach pains and am constipated. No other symptoms of flu. Also I’d crave carbs and haven’t since I stopped. I tried to eat some chocolate and it burned my mouth. Wierd.

    • Harriet

      Hi Emily
      Glad to hear uv given up and sorry about what’s happened to you. I agree it is the most dangerous product on the market it has literrly ruined my life and I expect yours to. However u can improve and possibly even get rid of your diabetes as there have been people who have given up and their health problems have gone away. I really suggest you try to follow a plant based diet for a few months, aspartame stores on your cells and is extremly acidic. When your body starts to try and get rid of it it will produce lots of mucus to protect your body ( the body does this with acids) I strongly recommend you cut out dairy and meat for a while as these will inhibit your detox. Try sticking to mainly fruits as these are the most detoxifying and if your have a juicer try and juice greens. I also suggest you get activated charcoal or clay which you drink as this will absorb the toxins you release. Along with this you need a produt that will cleanse your colon I suggest dr shuzle intestinal formula 1 it will help you to get the waste out. I wish I had know This as I ended up poisoning myself again as the toxins Wernt getting excreted and I have ended up in a worse situation than before. If you want anymore advice or support you can message me at anytime. I’m not a doctor I just know from experience and don’t want people to make the same mistakes as me!

  • harriet

    Thanks for the reply. Im making sure i drink lots of filtered water and am taking multi-vit, vitamic c, b-vitamins, niacin and french green clay. im making sure i get some daily excersise and eating well ( mainly fruits and veg). i know that i abused my body for a long time and it is probobly going to take a while to heal im just hoping i havent done to much damage and i can recover form this. How are you feeling now ?

  • harriet

    Hi i just came across your website , i was very heavily addicted to aspartame for the last 4 years, i used it to keep my weight down and practically everything i ate and drank had aspartame in it! i was hugely depressed had migranes and joint pain, i lost weight in the beginning but then began to put it on especiall;y in my hips , i also lost about 2 thirds of my hair which made the depression worse! i came across a website and matched nearly all the sympotoms and realised i must get off this poison! i came off of it and within days i felt beter and saw tiny hairs growing in! i couldnt beleive it , however i did not do anything to detox and am actually feeling worse at the moment , for the last 6 months i have been having awful rashes and depression again and was wondering if this was the poison trying to get out of my body? i am now following dr janet hulls detoxification to see if i get any better, i was also wondering if you know by any chance ways in which to remove formaldehyde from the body as i know this is a by product of aspartame ? any help would be much appreciated and keep spreading the word about this poison. im 23 years old and the last 4 years have been horrble i wouldnt wish this on any one! the FDA should be ashamed the amount of lifes they are putting in danger it makes me sick to think they can do this to us !

    • Eric Post author

      Thanks for the detailed reply. It is amazing to me just how many people are dealing with Aspartame Withdrawal.

      As to your question about formaldehyde. I would suggest a “Third Eye Cleanse” as it will help with melatonin production, and melatonin is said to help to detox formaldehyde.

      Secondly a mini trampoline (rebounder) and tons of water would be fantastic during your detox to “shake things up”. Think of your body as a fishbowl. 😛

      Just remember when you detox to drink more water than you think you need. Especially 20 minutes after you consume any cleansing liquid. You need to flush out the toxins before they are re-absored.

      Please let me know if you get better. Maybe we can help others as well.


  • Mike

    I’ve been drinking 3-5 cans of caffeine free Diet Mt. Dew every day for the last eight to ten years. Before that it was caffeinated Diet Dew for about five years. It basically replaced water in my diet. That makes roughly 13-15 years of nearly 400mg per day of aspartame.

    Over the past 10 years I’ve had worsening depression leading up to almost daily thoughts of suicide. I decided to get help when I started cutting myself. Crazy! Why the hell would a 43-year old man with a good job and a great family start doing that? I’m now on anti-depressants even though I hate taking pills. I won’t even take aspirin for a headache. So taking anti-depressants is a big deal for me. While talking to a close friend the other day about my depression I set down my empty can of soda and it hit me. What if there was a connection between all that soda and my depression. The timeframes are very similar. I started some research and found articles linking aspartame to depression, worsening eyesight, and other symptoms I have but never linked together.

    I stopped drinking soda four days ago and replaced it with good old water. I swear on the second day my mood had already improved. The third day (yesterday) I had a terrible headache and fatigue all day. Today the headache is better but the fatigue is still almost overwhelming. I’m hoping after a week I’ll start feeling much better physically. I also hope I start feeling better mentally in a few weeks when my system gets a chance to rid itself of the chemical build-up. Either way I’m done drinking soda altogether.

  • Eric Post author

    Older Comments:

    I have been drinking diet coke for about 11 years now. It’s my coffee in the morning because I hate coffee. I drink it all day long. When I am done with one can I open another. I end up with about 10-12 cans a day. I have read bad things about aspartame and got scared and decided I was not drinking diet coke anymore.

    This is 24 hours since my last diet coke. I have had a massive headache all day. I have also been tired, no energy. I almost broke down and bought some more diet coke because I couldn’t take it anymore. But I didn’t.

    I know it’s not a caffeine withdraw headache because I am drinking regular Pepsi. I know all about caffeine withdrawl. I’m not ready to take that step yet. One thing at a time.

    So, so far I’m ok. I hope these symptoms pass.

    I questioned today why I was feeling this way and thought to myself, can I have aspartame withdrawl? I didn’t think that was possible until I googled it.

    I will keep you posted on how the next few days go!!

    Submitted Sun Sep 23 21:21:08 2012 EDT
    By: Tami,

    Addicted to Aspartame

    Ontario, Ca

    When my mother, a doctor, was pregnant with me, she cut caffeine out of her diet for my safety-but not the aspartame. She only drinks diet coke, and now I’m addicted. I avoided it for years, but it still has a powerful effect on my head. I can’t kick the habit, especially now that I live in a dorm and have to eat on a mealplan. Passing the soda machine just cripples my willpower! I know all of the horrible effects of aspartame, but I’m having such an issue giving it up!

    I Can’t BELIEVE This is Real!

    Hi – My name is Rebecca Balko and apparently I have actually been addicted to asperatame, (i.e. Diet Pepsi). I have been a recovering alcoholic/drug addict for 24 years now and have been free of nicotine addiction for about 13+ years. However, when I got sober, one of the first things I started doing was drinking diet pepsi. I don’t care for coffee, but just loved the taste of diet pepsi. For the last 24 years I’m certain I’ve never drank less than 6-10 a day and sometimes more than that.

    About the time I got sober I also started experiencing debilitating migraines and have suffered with them throughout my sobriety. I saw a Neurologist a few years ago for some significant memory lapses I had in addition to on-going memory struggles. He found that I had small pockets of “white matter” in my brain that he felt were likely caused by the migraines (now I wonder).

    I began realizing a while back that I really “did” have a problem with the diet pepsi’s and would joke about it because compared to everything else that I got off of in my life, it just seemed so silly. But I had many friends sending me articles and encouraging me to stop and last Saturday I decided I would (no matter what). What has happened has been interesting and uncomfortable.

    The first few days I had a terrible migraine that felt like a sinus infection. (I have had MANY sinus infections since I got sober as well – never before. I never had migraines before either) Then from about Tuesday the 6th I thought I was coming down with the flu – severe pain in my bones, joints and muscles (especially in my neck), mild sore throat, tightness in my chest, eyes burning, feeling VERY cold on and off and extreme fatigue. I kept thinking I was coming down with the flu…but I’ve had no fever at all.

    Now I’m wondering, (as all of these symptoms continue) a week later…if this is from coming off the asparatame. I just don’t know – but it is really creepy to me right now. I hope that perhaps you can shed some light on this or direct me as to what I should do.

    Thank you,
    Rebecca Balko
    West Palm Beach, FL