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benefits of baking sodaBenefits of Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)

A super-brief history:
The documented use of baking soda dates back thousands of years (before the Great Pyramid). Egyptians used baking soda as a soap and as a preservative in the mummification process.

Some common uses you may already know are:

  • Polishing copper or silverware
  • Maintaining a mattress
  • Removing stink from the fridge

Does this make you think twice about consuming it? Don’t worry, in small doses it can make your body more healthy and happy. So read on!

Benefits of baking soda

Food Grade Baking Soda

Some of the known health benefits of baking soda are:

Preventing a cold or flu – Way back in 1918 it was discovered that people who took baking soda were much less likely to contract the Spanish flu. Those who took baking soda and DID contract it, had less severe symptoms. So along with all of the other benefits, you may just get sick less.

Protecting your tooth enamel – Harsh toothpastes can eat away at tooth enamel just like acidic foods can. Use baking soda at least once or twice a week and lose that name brand garbage made with TOXIC fluoride. Have you even read what is in the toothpaste you are using? I thought not. Go natural and love how fresh and clean your mouth and breath with be.

Eliminate bladder infections – Pretty simple really. Baking soda works wonders on highly acidic areas of the body. If you suffer from bladder infections, I just became your new hero.

Sore throat relief – This is how I first discovered how awesome baking soda was. I had a nasty sore throat and searched the web for answers. As always, I was looking for the natural cure. I certainly found it, and so much more. Even better it was less than $2 for a months worth.

Skin cleanser – It just keeps getting better! Mix with honey or olive oil and rub it on your face. Better yet, try incorporating it into my best face ever routine.

Dosage: A great dosage is 1 teaspoon mixed in fresh water. Just drink throughout the day. Feel free to add some organic lemon as well.


Brand: After a little research, I would stay away from Arm and Hammer. It appears they tamper with what nature has already perfectly created by using a chemical process. Two brands: Bobs Red Mill and Duda Energy come right out of the ground to your mouth.
As always, I recommend drinking lots of water the first few days you start this. Cleansing the body often stirs up toxins that have been accumulating. Make sure you flush them out before they re-absorb.

This site has been such a blessing to me and my friends. Every day I learn something new and refreshing about health and nutrition (and now fitness). I hope you are learning something as well.

PLEASE send me some feedback on the benefits of baking soda below. How do YOU use baking soda? I always love suggestions and new information to pass on to the readers.

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