Body Image

Body Image


Where does your body image come from?Body Image

Every day we’re faced with advertisements of what a perfect body is supposed to look like. We see it in magazines, in television shows, commercials, movies, and the covers of novels.

The idea of having a “perfect body” is constantly on our heels, telling us we’re not up to beauty’s standards, even if this idea of beauty isn’t realistic or healthy.

“You’ve got your body for life, you might as well learn to get along with it.” – Sandy Kumskov

Having a healthy body image is necessary to maintain your self-esteem. It gives you control over your personal appearance. However, we tend to view our bodies quite negatively. Social media dictates we should look ridiculously skinny and dye our hair to hide the first signs of aging.

It’s very rare that we look in the mirror nowadays and immediately think positively about the way we look. This obsession with looking “perfect” is what has led to the search for the trendiest, usually not helpful, diets that claim to make you look like the women and men in the magazines.

It isn’t just the social media that’s to blame though. Due to the rise in obesity over the last few years, people are extremely concerned with being overweight. Doctors are constantly warning people to watch their weight and eat healthier. While this is done with good intentions, more often than not it we misinterpret these helpful suggestions as accusations that we’re too fat.

What does this have to do with your health?

Healthy eating will definitely improve how you perceive your body, and not just through weight loss. Eating the Superfoods and Superherbs can nourish your skin and hair as well as your weight, but most of all it nourishes your mentality. It can boost your energy levels, providing a more positive outlook on your body. Healthy exercise will also achieve this. It helps you to feel accomplished and be proud to look at yourself in the mirror after a good workout. Getting a good amount of sleep helps too, it keeps your stress levels at a minimum and prevents you from feeling and looking worn out.

The most important part of having a positive body image isn’t changing your appearance to resemble a supermodel’s. You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful. You don’t have to be muscular to be attractive. You just have to be happy and healthy and look the way that’s best for you. Everyone’s an individual, thus everyone has their own proportions and their own size that they’re meant to be.

A final note

People with body dysmorphic disorder don’t see their true reflection in the mirror. What they see is a variety of flaws and defects, despite what anyone tells them. If this seems familiar, please read this article on dysmorphic disorder.