Bottled Water Vs Tap Water


Bottled water vs tap water is just the beginning…Bottled Water vs Tap Water

You spend so much time worrying about what you eat, but, the water you drink may be much more important. You know your body is mostly water right? Then read on and find the BEST WATER EVER.

Bottled water vs Tap Water Vs Filtered Water, IT’S ON!

“I bought some powdered water,
but I couldn’t figure out what to add”
– Steven Wright

Tap water (most US Cities)

Tap water from municipal suppliers is constantly monitored to make certain that it is potable. The results of these tests are public record and must be readily available. Chlorine and fluoride, which are both used in many water treatment facilities, are linked to cancer, birth defects, arthritis and more.

Municipal tap water is chemically treated to remove contaminants, but it comes to your home through piping systems that are often hundreds of years old. Trace amounts of bacteria or impurities in these pipes can affect an entire municipal water supply after it has been deemed suitable for consumption.

It is possible to ingest dangerous amounts of chemicals and contaminants from tap water, even with safeguard procedures in place.

Common pollutants found in tap water include:

  • Aluminuum
  • Arsenic
  • Asbestos
  • Fluoride (known neurotoxin)
  • Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Mercury
  • Radioactive Particles (thought to be from chemotherapy patients urine)
  • Toilet paper and Tampons (see video) —->

Bottled water

Bottled water companies also have mandatory water testing, but the companies themselves set the standards. These tests never have to be reported to the public, unlike municipal supplies. Independent studies routinely find bottled water that is more hazardous to drink than tap water. Bottled water has been recalled on several occasions for mold and e coli contamination. Many bottled water companies simply bottle tap water to be sold for incredible profit.
According to health expert Daniel Vitalis, water from Fiji and Voss are not even true spring waters, they are actually WELL WATER bottled near a spring (or where there was a spring). These two are better than tap, but know your source.

Many studies have shown that leached BPA (and other contaminants) from plastic bottles can potentially cause serious heath risks such as:

Reproductive issues
Immune system problems
Prostate tumor growth
Brain chemistry changes

This does not even begin mention the damage caused to the environment. If you do use plastic bottles (and you are comfortable with BPA’s), Please try to re-use them whenever possible.

Between bottled water vs tap water, I recommend a good bottled mountain spring water (labeled spring water).

Besides bottled water vs tap water what else is there?

Ground waterWell Water

Ground water, such as that found in wells can be contaminated with lead, nitrates, bacteria, arsenic and even solid bits of metal or glass. While many people get their water from these sources, they are not routinely tested. It is recommended that well users have their source tested at least once annually. Infants and small children are at particular risk from contaminated groundwater.

This can be a great choice once tested. It is live water, so see the cautions below on storage.

Filtration systems

An article about bottled water vs tap water would not be complete without going into filtration systems. Filters can treat water from the tap or well to remove toxins and chemicals that may be within it. A few options of filtration are reverse osmosis, carbon filter, and distillation systems.

  • Reverse Osmosis systems use pressure to force water through a membrane. The membrane stops impurities from passing through and removes bacteria, viruses, sodium, magnesium and other contaminants.

This is effective, but it wastes quite a bit of water in the process, also causing it to be more expensive. With a new filter, this method CAN remove even fluoride.
Activated Carbon water filters pass water over an absorbent powdered carbon block which removes organic contaminants. Positively-charged carbon filters remove negatively charged chemical contaminants through a magnetic process.

While a good alternative to plain tap water, it will leave many of the contaminants such as fluoride and Pharmaceuticals.


  • Distillers purify water through evaporation and condensation. Water is boiled, and the vapors are rapidly cooled back into water. Impurities cannot evaporate into steam, so they are effectively separated from water during the boiling process.


Distilled water is dead. It has no contaminants, so, in many ways it is superior to the other methods. The problems are that it contains no essential minerals and vitamins, and it is usually more acidic than other waters.

Mountain Spring water

Mountain spring water is filtered naturally as it is pushed to the surface of the ground through rocks and soil layers. This can take thousands of years, meaning it has not seen our modern day toxins and pollution. There are no expensive machines to fuss with, and no chemical processes adding risk to an essential daily beverage.

Minerals that boost body systems are never processed out of natural spring water. Crisp, refreshing and even sweet-tasting water comes from natural springs, making them the best source for healthy, delicious water.

Did I mention that it is FREE!?

Caution: One thing to remember about spring water. It is REAL LIVING WATER. You may not be used to that, since tap water and bottled water are sterilized. You need to store your spring water in a cool dark place, or it will come alive (as water should). In fact, if your water does NOT come alive (try leaving a bottle of water out for a week), your water is dead. As the Juiceman Jay Kordich used to say, “live food, live body, dead food, dead body”

bottled water vs tap water vs filtered water vs spring water

Spring water is the best water ever! Find a spring, and get used to getting it for you and your family. It is just that important.

If you don’t know where to find a spring in your area,
go to:

This article on Bottled Water Vs Tap Water has been extremely fun and eye opening to write. Healthy water is such an important thing, and has become so hard to come by. Please give me your feedback below.