Whey Protien Dosage
Whey Protein Dosage Top three tips BEFORE you decide on whey protein dosage: 1. Get raw, grass fed, non-denatured whey 2. Use only when you are working out regularly 3. Get a pure form (NO SOY!!!!!) This is a subject near and dear to my heart. On instructions from her […]

Whey Protein Dosage

sexy yoga 1
SEXY YOGA – Kundalini and nature’s answer to Viagra By Dharam Deep Singh, CMT Sexy Yoga? That’s what some people call it – Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is the psycho/spiritual/physical yoga workout that many celebrities from Oprah to Maria Shriver to David Duchovny are practicing today. Since Kundalini Yoga was […]

Sexy Yoga

Raw Milk 2
Raw Milk is one of the best super foods you can put in your body, period! Raw Milk is a complete food: Vitamins A, B, B12, C and D Calcium Iron Zinc Iodine All 22 essential amino acids Healthy Fat (real fat does NOT cause heart disease) Carbohydrates (yes, you […]

Raw Milk Benefits

Low Fat Diet
The low fat diet is a lie It makes sense to assume that the more fats we eat the fatter we become. After all, this has been the established mindset for years. Currently, lowering fat intake is the focus of most weight loss diet trends, we are told it also […]

Low Fat Diet

High Protein Diet
A high protein diet plan can be a healthy and effective method to lose fat and build muscle. This diet is traditionally used by athletes to stay lean and promote muscle building effects. Protein provides the muscles with amino acids that are essential for building muscle. However, a high protein […]

Hight Protein Diet

Body Image
Where does your body image come from? Every day we’re faced with advertisements of what a perfect body is supposed to look like. We see it in magazines, in television shows, commercials, movies, and the covers of novels. The idea of having a “perfect body” is constantly on our heels, […]

Body Image