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Maca Superfood Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) is a root from the radish family grown primarily in the Andes mountain range (Peru). Maca superfood is famous for being the highest elevation crop in the world. Can you see how something so strong it can survive and thrive at 15,000 feet might have […]

Maca Superfood

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Healthy Eating Steps – Rebuilding your clean temple Now that you have finished cleansing your body, it is time to fill it up with some amazing foods! Healthy eating begins with finding things you WILL eat, so try to start out with some of your favorites. There is a huge […]

Healthy Eating Steps

Whey Protien Dosage
Whey Protein Dosage Top three tips BEFORE you decide on whey protein dosage: 1. Get raw, grass fed, non-denatured whey 2. Use only when you are working out regularly 3. Get a pure form (NO SOY!!!!!) This is a subject near and dear to my heart. On instructions from her […]

Whey Protein Dosage

Probiotic Side Effects
When to Take Probiotics for healthy digestive system Probiotics are defined as friendly bacteria responsible for biological function. In this article, I concentrate on the reasons we need proboitics, and who is at the greatest risk of deficiency. “By affecting gut bacteria, you can have very robust and quite broad-spectrum […]

When to Take Probiotics

Vegetarian Diet Plan
The vegetarian diet plan is the practice of eating primarily plant based foods and removing meat, poultry and fish from the diet. Vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative diet option. Some people may choose vegetarianism for personal reasons, but others choose it for the many potential health […]

Vegetarian Diet Plan

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Top Ten Superfoods I would like to dedicate this article on the top ten superfoods to David Avocado Wolfe. I am not sure if he invented the term superfood, but we certainly would not have known about them if not for all his work over the past 15+ years. My […]

Top Ten Superfoods

Superfood diet Maca
Superfoods Diet – The simple way to detox, lose weight, think more clearly, and love your life! I was ashamed and amazed to see the lack of REAL information on the Superfoods Diet. Even the Master of all things superfoods David Wolfe was way down the Google rankings, and I […]

Superfoods Diet