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Soy GMO is short for genetically modified soy or GE (genetically engineered soy). Well over 90% of the soy from the United States is GMO. This may sound crazy, but no long term health test have ever been done on humans. There have been several tests on rats which have […]


Raw Milk 2
Raw Milk is one of the best super foods you can put in your body, period! Raw Milk is a complete food: Vitamins A, B, B12, C and D Calcium Iron Zinc Iodine All 22 essential amino acids Healthy Fat (real fat does NOT cause heart disease) Carbohydrates (yes, you […]

Raw Milk Benefits

Raw Food Recipes
Get Your Raw Food Recipes Here We aim to add the best of the best. Because it does you no good if you don’t want to eat it. Just because you are Raw, does not mean you don’t want food that tastes delicious. Here at Peoplecleaner we have the Morning […]

Raw Food Recipes

Nutrition Flow Chart
The secret to proper food combining How we eat is every bit as important as what we eat. The food that we enjoy is complex, yet our bodies have simple methods for digesting them. The body digests each food in a unique manner, producing different digestive enzymes to break down […]

Proper Food Combining

Probiotic Side Effects
Probiotics side effects – The quick and easy answer, there aren’t many. Most probiotics side effects have been attributed to the death of unfriendly organisms. So making sure you have plenty of GOOD CLEAN hydration is key. “The health benefits for which prebiotics can be applied include conditions such as […]

Probiotics Side Effects

This article with deal not only with probiotics and constipation, but also IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and other digestive disorders. While there are many possible reasons for improper digestion, I believe a few minor changes, including the addition of probiotics, can make a huge difference. For the first few days, […]

Probiotics and Constipation

Probiotics 101 – Definition, History, and Correct Usage What are probiotics? The basic definition of a probiotic is a friendly microorganism (usually bacteria) found in the body. As 80% of our immune system is in the gut, most probiotic foods and supplements center on this area. “There is a tendency […]

Probiotics 101