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Why you should be saving Non GMO Seeds Corporate Takeover of Agriculture: Who Will Save Our Seed Supply? For the last 10,000 years, the fate of the human race has been linked closely with that of agriculture. Yet over the last few decades, agriculture as we know it has changed […]

Non GMO Seeds

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What are GMO’s? Genetically Modified Organisms – For this article, I will be talking about GMO’s in food products sometimes called GM foods. “History has many records of crimes against humanity, which were also justified by dominant commercial interests and governments of the day. Despite protests from citizens, social justice […]

What are GMO’s

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Top Ten Superfoods I would like to dedicate this article on the top ten superfoods to David Avocado Wolfe. I am not sure if he invented the term superfood, but we certainly would not have known about them if not for all his work over the past 15+ years. My […]

Top Ten Superfoods

Probiotics 101 – Definition, History, and Correct Usage What are probiotics? The basic definition of a probiotic is a friendly microorganism (usually bacteria) found in the body. As 80% of our immune system is in the gut, most probiotic foods and supplements center on this area. “There is a tendency […]

Probiotics 101

Other names for MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) The food manufacturers know MSG is toxic to the body, especially the brain. But hey, it makes it taste good! So even though they know the dangers, they are finding ways to add more of it to your food using other tricky labels. Why […]

Other Names for MSG

Non-GMO Corn (Genetically Modified, or GM Corn) How hard is it to find Non-GMO Corn? It may be harder than you think. In the United States, we are getting close to 90% of corn being GMO. Not only are we sending this around the world (with strong arm tactics from […]

Non GMO Corn