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The Best Face Cleanser I am sure deep down, you already know this. The chemicals you are putting on your body are toxic! But this is the new you, and you are not going to stand for it anymore. Time to throw the old garbage away and get with the […]

The Best Face Cleanser

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SEXY YOGA – Kundalini and nature’s answer to Viagra By Dharam Deep Singh, CMT Sexy Yoga? That’s what some people call it – Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is the psycho/spiritual/physical yoga workout that many celebrities from Oprah to Maria Shriver to David Duchovny are practicing today. Since Kundalini Yoga was […]

Sexy Yoga

Preschool nutrition lesson plan The habits you start with your kids now, are likely to last a lifetime. So get your child off to a healthy start as soon as possible. Here are a few beginning steps I feel are the most important to add right away.     1. Limit […]

Preschool Nutrition Lesson Plan

This article is about the dangers of estrogen dominance in men. If this is you, DON’T WORRY, I believe this can be fixed very quickly (in most cases). It is just a matter of knowledge, and this page has it. Within the past few decades, we have seen an epidemic […]

Men Taking Estrogen

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It has been said many times, but is laughter the best medicine? Indeed, the act of laughing has positive effects on several of the body’s systems. Research has linked laughter with many health benefits, ranging from your heart to your brain. Some research cautions that laughter may not act alone […]

Laughter is the Best Medicine