Colon Cleanses


Colon Cleanses

Here is where it all begins! If you do nothing else in your detox diet, please cleanse your colon. While I do advise following ALL the steps in your Whole Body Cleanse, a toxin free colon is by far the most important thing to do first. With a clean colon, your body can better clean up the rest. It will also be able to use the nutrients you are consuming in a much better way.

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” – Tori Amos

Below are the best cleanses I have found (from both experience, and your feedback). If you are on a budget, or are not ready to commit to a full cleanse, you may try a Lemonade Detox Diet or 3 day cleanse until you are ready.

Suggested colon cleanses based on your needs:

Gentle (I need to work)
Moderate (I work, but this is priority)
Hardcore (not for the meek)

If you do the Healthforce 3 cleanse (hardcore). You can skip to step 4 of the Detox 101 steps.

A Well Oiled Machine?

The human body is remarkable in its ability to maintain optimal functioning of its organs. However, every day we jeopardize this natural balance with our unhealthy lifestyles and toxin-filled food. Our bodies, amazing machines that they are, can only take so much abuse. Particularly, when toxins and wastes accumulate in our colons, which leads to a host of undesirable conditions that extend beyond the digestive system and could eventually turn into serious illnesses.

Toxic colon conditions run the range from constipation, indigestion, foul smelling breath, and gassiness, to more serious concerns such as weight gain, skin abnormalities, and constant fatigue and stress.

The Colon Detox Diet

A colon detox diet usually involves a combination of food supplements and regular foods rich in specific, bowel cleansing components such as fiber and some herbs, and an optional practice such as fasting. See above for our three recommended methods.

Colonic Irrigation

Other non-dietary techniques are also available, and can be used along side of your colon detox diet. These include procedures such as a colonic irrigation treatment, or enemas . These treatments involve introducing water or other liquids into the intestinal tracts to flush out waste and toxins.

A colonic is a more thorough and complicated procedure involving the cleansing of most of the digestive tract. It usually requires a therapist trained in using particular medical equipment (allthough it can be done at home), while an enema cleanses the lower part of the large intestine, and can be found in most drug or health stores.

Through these various forms of colon cleanses, we can enjoy several health benefits such as a leaner figure, improved digestion, and more energy.