Infrared Sauna

Detox Your Skin


Massage DetoxDetoxing your skin is a very important (not to mention fun) step in the cleansing process.

Our skin makes constant contact with our surrounding environment, which also means it comes in constant contact with toxins. Since it’s such a large organ, detoxing your skin is one of the most efficient ways to cleanse our bodies.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are” – Chinese proverb

Massage, Mud Bath and Sauna

Detox massages are designed to speed up the body’s removal of wastes by stimulating the circulation of the lymphatic flow and the immune system.

Other benefits to having a detox massage are the increase in energy, how it assists the digestive system and liver function, how it cleanses and removes dead skin cells, and further assists in the elimination of toxins and parasites.

This technique can lower the toxicity of our bodies, which can become a real issue if not properly addressed since we ingest toxins on a regular basis through the air and food.

Try to pay special attention to the lymphatic system. If the Lymphatic System is stimulated into circulation, then it will nourish us and regulate our fluids preventing the lethargic sensations of inactivity from stressing our bodies. As I will say over and over, please remember to drink large amounts of clean water. When you stir up the “fishbowl”, you want to remove the garbage before it settles back in your body. So what are you waiting for? Go get a massage

Girl Mud BathTime to get dirty

A clay or mud bath is also a method that can be used to stimulate the Lymphatic System and reduce toxicity while cleansing the skin. Bentonite clay is ideal, seeing as it has been used for hundreds of years for its healing properties and internal cleansing. As long as the clay is natural, however, it will accomplish a thorough detoxification of the skin and immune system.

Adding natural sea salts can also be beneficial for detoxing your skin, it acts as a tonic and speeds up the process. Natural, high-quality spring water is also the best choice when preparing for a thoroughly cleansing mud bath. Common tap water is chlorinated, and bathing or showering in it can be worse than drinking it. Just breathing in the chlorine fumes from the steam can be toxic. I recommend a good, chlorine removing filter for you shower or bath.

Note: Many cheap filters say “removes chlorine smell”. You can just skip those as it is not the smell we are worried about.

Use this link to learn more about mud baths

Introducing the infrared sauna

An infrared sauna detoxifies the skin through its use of healthy sunlight to produce sweat, which is one of the best ways to rid our bodies of toxins.

The body is heated as it normally would in sunlight, but concentrated to contain only the healthiest rays, the infrared rays, without the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Infrared SaunaAs opposed to a traditional sauna which heats the environment, infrared saunas heat the skin directly to achieve deeper tissue penetration and prevent us from becoming faint in the warm air.

If you have no access to an infrared sauna, just look for your local spa. Any sauna will help detox the body, and help you feel great.

As I said earlier, Please remember to drink lots of clean water during each of these processes to safely remove toxins that you are breaking up.

Detoxing your skin is a crucial part of not only keeping your skin happy and healthy, but the rest of your body as well. We hope at this point you can see and feel the difference a clean body can make.

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