Foods High in Estrogen


Foods High in Estrogen

After careful research, (as well as personal experience) looking at the estrogen content in foods may be a huge mistake. It seems the altered content of estrogen (and other hormones) is what is causing many estrogen imbalances.

Let’s take, for example, milk, eggs, and meat. These foods are said to contain the highest levels of estrogen. Yet when ingested in their original form (free range, natural diet, no injections), they seem to be great for hormone balance. This was a staple diet for farmers who grew up to be very strong and healthy. There was hardly a cause to worry about estrogen dominance on the average family farm.

So what happened?

When animals were turned into a corporate commodity, nature was discarded. The food given to farm animals now contains large amounts of GMO Soy, Corn and Alfalfa. These are NOT NATURAL and wreak havoc on the body (see our many articles on GMO’s and Raw Milk). The soil these foods were grown in are also depleted of many natural nutrients and filled with years of pesticide use. What is worse, the animals are often given large amounts of hormones and antibiotics. These further degrade the natural balance in these creatures, which is later passed on to you.

What about grains and veggies?

Beyond staying away from any form of GMO food (I know, it is not easy), most other store bought vegetables have been altered as well. Years of hybridization have made our food sweeter, fresher and less expensive. Unfortunately nutrition content and many other unknown factors have been “weeded” out. Also, unless your food is 100% organic, it is likely grown on the pesticide ridden farms mentioned above.

Now that you are depressed…

Please realize that staying away from foods high in estrogen will likely not lower your estrogen dominance. It is probably a better idea to stay away from the “fake foods” that your body cannot properly metabolize, which causes hormone imbalances of all sorts.

This is MY list of foods high in estrogen that you SHOULD stay away from:

GMO soy (almost all soy that is not organic)
GMO fed, hormone injected animals (or any animal not fed it’s natural organic diet)
Plastic bottles (even BPA free bottles) – Plastic bottles can take about a year to “solidify” and become free of leaching properties. Yet most plastic bottles (like water bottles) are filled within minutes of being made. This is a hormone disaster as you will find out when you get rid of them. Make a commitment to drinking the best water ever, and don’t look back.

I believe, if you just stay away from the above for a week or two (which may be hard, soy is in everything), you should see a huge difference. I would also recommend adding some Maca to your diet. It is a great for hormone balance, and one of my top ten super foods. Broccoli also an excellent estrogen blocker.

If you want to stay away from all foods high in estrogen (for whatever reason), here is a list for you.

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