Healthy Eating Steps 2

Healthy Eating Steps


Healthy Eating Steps – Rebuilding your clean templeHealthy Eating Steps

Now that you have finished cleansing your body, it is time to fill it up with some amazing foods!

Healthy eating begins with finding things you WILL eat, so try to start out with some of your favorites. There is a huge list below of articles on everything from smoothies to hard core raw food recipes. Just start where you are, and add the first thing TODAY.

It is very typical for someone after a detox to go buy every vegetable in the market. You feel so great and you just want to keep it going. I recommend just replacing a few things every week, and staying away from the SUPER bad things (MSG, Aspartame, and GMO Foods)

Remember tHealthy Eating Steps 2o relax and have some fun with this!

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Juice Fasting

Obviously, the healthy eating steps are not the end of the story. But at this point, you should be feeling healthy and full of energy. Not to mention eating nutritious foods is also anti-aging! If you don’t feel the best EVER, please let us know (be specific as possible). I will try to help in any way we can. Please sign up for our newsletter (on the left) so you can stay up to date with all my new articles. I usually add at least two healthy eating pages per month.

As always, contact your healthcare professional if you are having any healthy related issues. Try to find a doctor that is trained in holistic medicine. I find that preventing illness is better than fixing problems as they arise. Follow the healthy eating steps and you may be seeing far less of your doctor. 🙂