Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Diet


The low fat diet is a lieLow Fat Diet

It makes sense to assume that the more fats we eat the fatter we become. After all, this has been the established mindset for years. Currently, lowering fat intake is the focus of most weight loss diet trends, we are told it also lessens our chances of succumbing to heart disease, diabetes or cancer. But now we are realizing that cutting out the fat in our diet isn’t the answer to a healthy lifestyle.

Low fat diets typically push food items that have been stripped of their fat content, but fat adds flavor, so removing it creates foods that are bland. So food companies add more sugars to low-fat food to improve taste. So, when the fat content goes down, the carbohydrate content goes up. So instead of losing weight, we are gaining diabetes.

“An imaginary ailment is worse than a disease.” – Yiddish Proverb

The true killer

High-carbohydrate foods are what contribute to unhealthy weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. By engaging in the fad diets such as the low fat diet, you are depriving your body of essential nutrients and replacing them with more of something that just does it harm.

Stay AWAY from trans fats

When considerinSkinnyg fat, you shouldn’t look at it in terms of what’s high in fat or low in fat. Rather, look at what type of fat you are putting into your body. Some fats, such as the polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats found in nuts, plant-based oils and avocado are good for you.

The fats that need to be carefully monitored are the saturated and trans fats found in baked products, French fries and red meats. Saturated fats can be okay if you limit them in your diet. Lean meats like poultry and fish would be considered good saturated fats. Trans fats, however, need to be cut out entirely. They are unnatural and are processed in order to disguise saturated fats as unsaturated, but they do nothing for you. Of course, even with these healthier fats, eating too much of them will cause weight gain, but that can be said for overeating in general.

Keep everything in moderation, stay away from processed food, that’s the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

Low fat is not the best answer to keeping our waistline down. Focusing too much on the highs and lows of fat content can distract you from the real nutritional value of foods. Be aware of what kind of fat, protein, and carbs you are putting into your body and you’ll be all the better for it.