Probiotics and Constipation


This article with deal not only with probiotics and constipation, but also IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and other digestive disorders.

While there are many possible reasons for improper digestion, I believe a few minor changes, including the addition of probiotics, can make a huge difference.

For the first few days, probiotics may cause some digestive problems. This is due to the die-off of yeast and bad bacteria. See my article on probiotics side effects for more information on this.

“There’s no human requirement for grains. That’s the problem with the USDA recommendations. They think we’re hardwired as a species to eat grains. You can get by just fine and meet every single nutrient requirement that humans have without eating grains. And grains are absolutely poor sources of vitamins and minerals compared to fruits and vegetables and meat and fish.” – Dr Loren Cordain

Here is my basic protocol for digestive health:

  • Start adding a clean, natural fermented food to your diet. My article on when to take probiotics has a great list. Another easy way to add probiotics is to buy Coco Biotic from Body Ecology (this has really worked for me). It is an easy great tasting drink you can have between meals (or upon waking). You should see results immediately.
  • Remove whole grains from your diet for at least a few weeks. It seems we have yet again been lied to by the FDA. The food pyramid has indeed caused the S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) to be exported around the world (to the detriment of all). Go here for a better explanation of why grains should be limited at best.
  • Switch to natural unprocessed sugars (such as Raw Honey, Organic Grade B Maple Syrup, Stevia, or Xylitol). I know this is difficult, but the benefits to your health should be evident within a few days. Also, try to limit sugar intake to the minimum. Sugar can aid the “bad bacteria” that is causing your adverse health effects.
  • Stay away from GMO foods (whole and in processed foods). That means Soy, Corn, Canola, and Cotton both in food and oil forms. So, if your tuna is in vegetable oil, it is probably in GMO form. GMO foods have been shown to harm gut flora in rats and has never been properly tested on humans. This may even be THE MAJOR cause of IBS, but of course, nobody is testing it.

It might be a good idea to start with a “clean slate” if you have time. Consider doing one of my colon cleanses or lemon detox diets before you begin. Just remember to limit sugar whenever possible.

I love to hear your “real world” feedback about probiotics and constipation. If you have tried the above with good or bad results, please let me know right away. Help me help others.