sexy yoga 2

Sexy Yoga 2


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Sexy Yoga 2Sexy Yoga Pt 2 – Kundalini and Ecstasy

Would you rather try the street drug known as Ecstasy or Kundalini Yoga? Let’s see… which one is safer? Well, that depends on who you talk to. In 2009, the UK’s top government drug advisor said that, “Taking ecstasy is no more dangerous than horse riding.”

Over the years, many people have said that Kundalini Yoga is dangerous. In fact, I often hear stories about a certain teacher that used to mix up Yogi Bhajan’s kriyas which caused students to get headaches. Now whose fault is that? Is that the fault of Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan or the teacher whoobviously forgot the part about doing the exercises and kriyas in the proper order? After all, Kundalini Yoga is a science.So really, is Kundalini Yoga safer than ecstasy and does it do the same thing?

“Kundalini yoga is a natural ecstasy that works by invigorating and stimulating every single cell in your body. A natural high is obtained by moving the body in ways in which we don’t normally move so that your whole body is dancing withthe ecstasy of divine consciousness, radiance, and samadhi.” – Dharam Deep Singh, CMT

I recently heard Gurushabd from Golden Bridge Yoga in LA give a lecture during one of his classes about Kundalini Yoga being like ecstasy, except instead of paying $20 for a pill, you pay $20 for a class. Well, that little saying was mine, but basically that was the point of his lecture. In his days, he got high on LSD and now in the newer generations, we see a huge spike in recreational use of Ecstasy (also known as “MDMA,” “Adam,” “X,” “XTC,” “Thizz,” or “E”). Some have gone so far as to call it the “E-Generation.”

So how is Ecstasy like Kundalini Yoga and which is safer? Well, both release endorphins and increase serotonin and dopamine in your system. Kundalini Yoga works on your glandular systems and puts you in many of the same brain wave states of ecstasy like “alpha” and “delta” brainwave states. You feel a deep sense of empathy and close connection with others during an ecstasy trip and after doing a Kundalini Yoga class with 30 to 100 other people; or 2,500 people if it is Winter or Summer Solstice.

Ecstasy is the state of being your mind is in during and after practicing Kundalini Yoga. Many times during an extended meditation or kriya you can feel the same ecstatic states of being on an ecstasy ride with an overflow of endorphin, serotonin, and dopamine running through your body’s circulatory and central nervous system. If you are taking one of Gurmukh’s classes at Golden Bridge you are likely to hear some of the same techno-tribal beats that you would hear at a “rave” during her “get up and dance around the room” sequences.

In many ways, taking ecstasy and doing Kundalini Yoga are alike. Where they differ, is that the come down off Kundalini Yoga isn’t as harsh. You may crave that ecstatic feeling again andwant to do cat/cow and cobra pose again while applying mulbandh to open up the “Tenth Gate,” however, instead of depleting your serotonin and dopamine reserves, you will be nourishing your brain’s neurotransmitters. Not only will your brain be better off for it, so will your body.

Street-grade Ecstasy is often cut with cheap fillers like methylone and Piperazines which can leave your body feeling achy and your muscles deteriorated. It affects your whole central nervous system and weakens your nerves. Kundalini Yoga strengthens your nerves.

Just 3 minutes of the “Morning Call” Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru “chant” can have the same effect as a cup of coffee without the stomach upset and other side-effects. If you have never tried Kundalini Yoga before, just imagine what a full 90 minute kriya/workout session with yoga postures, chanting, meditation, and soundDharam Deep healing with the Paiste symphonic gong can do for your body. I’ve also found that “GONG” sessions are much more healing and productive for the body than “BONG” sessions.

I think the choice is clear. Kundalini Yoga with “Hugs Not Drugs.” Especially, you 40 and 50 year olds at the clubs! I see you when I am DJing. You’re not 21 anymore! Time to try something else to get high with! Kundalini Yoga or “sexy yoga” is the answer!!!

Dharam Deep is a writer, DJ, yoga instructor, music producer, California Massage Therapy Council certified massage therapist, National Holistic Institute Health Educator, National Counsel for Certified Personal Trainers certified personal trainer, professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association, and a 3HO International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Teacher in Training living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dharam Deep believes it is your birthright to experience the ecstasy of divine consciousness and health benefits of Kundalini Yoga to bring balance and vitality to your life. More info at