Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox


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As I began to notice how I would lose hours on Facebook, and could not recall a single moment of growth, I decided it was time for a hiatus. Taking three weeks completely away from Facebook and it’s viral brothers and sisters (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube) was quite an experience for me. More like what I can imagine an actual detox from some serious drug or alcohol may feel like to some.

I’m not addicted to Facebook! You know, I just use it whenever I have time. Lunch time, break time, bed time, off time, that time, this time, any time, all the time! – Shinlovesyou

During my time away, I really paid attention to my habit- like when I was wanted to go online to use this social media, and why. I noticed also how it felt to be disconnected from the virtual world and to become once again more connected with the real world. I began to spend my time doing other things like playing barefoot in the sand, meditating, being more present and talking to strangers until they no longer appeared to be strange among other things.

This experiment with detoxing from social media for three weeks has proved to be quite a revealing process as to how I sometimes live my life, and what I miss out on with these virtual addictions. I have to admit that taking the hiatus from social media has been one of the best things I have done for my life next to deciding to backpack around the world. I saw how it all had started for me, what was pulling me back in, why I felt I needed it so much, and what I was missing out on when I used it without discretion or even a conscious thought beforehand. It made me realize so many things about living that I have decided to change my routine and use for the future.

I have decided that a delicate balance between the two needs to be created in my life. That when I spend countless hours in front of my computer screen liking this or pinning that, I miss out on my nature connection with the people around me and with mother earth. While I agree that social media does have it’s benefits, this little experiment with a social media detox has shown me again that everything in moderation is key.

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