Soy GMOSoy GMO is short for genetically modified soy or GE (genetically engineered soy). Well over 90% of the soy from the United States is GMO. This may sound crazy, but no long term health test have ever been done on humans. There have been several tests on rats which have shown to cause sterility, birth defects, and organ damage.

It is NOT a health food

It is NOT good for you

And while we were sleeping, it was added to almost EVERYTHING

Soy is also high in estrogen. You may notice that many vegan men have “lost” some of their power. This has been blamed on the lack of meat (protein) in their diet. What most people do not know, is there are MANY great sources of protein in the average vegan diet. I see the biggest problem being the large amount of GMO soy in many vegan products (and lack of salt).

“About 90 percent of all soy is genetically modified (GMO). Soy is also one of the top seven allergens, and is widely known to cause immediate hypersensitivity reactions. While in the last forty years soy has occupied an important place in the transition from an unhealthy meat-based diet to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, it is time for us to upgrade our food choice to one having more benefits, and fewer negative possibilities.”
– Gabriel Cousens

I challenge you to read the labels of the foods your are buying. Be prepared to find soy GMO in just about every processed food. I found it in foods like hummus, spaghetti sauce, and baked beans.

Common types of GMO Soy are:

  • Lecithin
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Textured Vegetable Protein – May contain MSG
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Soy Meal
  • Soy Flour

Also, most meats are fed with soy GMO (also GMO Corn and Alfalfa). So, if you are buying grocery store meat or milk, you are also ingesting GMO ingredients as well.

Are you as surprised as I was? Please write a quick note on how much soy GMO you found in your local store. What surprised you the most?