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Superfoods DietThe simple way to detox, lose weight, think more clearly, and love your life!Superfoods diet

I was ashamed and amazed to see the lack of REAL information on the Superfoods Diet. Even the Master of all things superfoods David Wolfe was way down the Google rankings, and I was left reading junk food silliness.

So here it is, with REAL SUPERFOODS

First off, I know this may be surprising; Eat Superfoods! Why are you eating food #907 when you should be eating foods #1-10? You can only consume so much food in a day. In fact there is plenty of evidence that eating less can help you live longer. So, my advice is SKIP the garbage until you get at least ALL top 10 super foods and super herbs in your diet (within a week).

I predict:

  • You will feel better within days
  • You will be the perfect weight you always wanted to be
  • You will look younger and people will say so
  • You will think more clearly, and dump that idiot you have been dating (uh, TMI sorry)

The easiest way to get started on a Superfoods Diet is to make a few tonic smoothies through the day (just get a Vitamix or Blendtec). Here is a great way to get most of them in, and still have room for a few not so super foods (life should be fun).

First thing upon waking

8oz Spring Dragon longevity tea with goji berries (before you do anything). Switching off with some lemon water each day would be awesome. This cleans and hydrates you, and gets your body ready to accept this goodness.

Goji Berries30 to 45 minutes later

The best raw superfood chocolate smoothie ever! This tonic smoothie boasts up to 6 of the top 10 superfoods IN ONE DELICIOUS DRINK. This tonic alone will change your life. I have one 4-6 days a week. Although I am in love with it, and the way it makes me feel, it is always best to change things up once or twice a week. Nutrition is NOT an exact science. You have to try the best you can, and not get stuck in food dogma (Raw Vegans, you know what I mean). Almost every “do only this” diet fails in the end. Take the best of the Superfoods Diet and move on.

Anytime at least 2 hours later

Green or fruit smoothie time! I am not one to mix my fruits and veggies, but, some people can do it with no problem. Just try every recipe out you can find, and put the best ones in your diet. Just make sure they contain the following 100% ORGANIC foods.

Berries (blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry)
Spirulina or blue green algae (you don’t need a ton, but get it in there)

Sea veggies are very important. I personally just drink a ton of Vitamineral Green (VMG) with some added veggies or some Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. VMG has pretty much everything you need in this department and a lot more. It is also a super trusted and quality product I don’t have to worry about. Oh, and it makes me do Kung Fu in the living room (clean energy for days). You can by this in capsule form if you are not a “green food” drinker.

After that, you can have just about anything. There are a few things “I” believe everyone should ditch ASAP.

Aspartame (or any fake sugar)
MSG (comes in many sneaky forms)
GMO or Genetically Modified Foods (corn, soy, canola, sugarbeets)
Hydrogenated Oils (most are GMO, so you can take them both out)
High Fructose Corn Syrup (another GMO)

Other things to think about

You NEED the Sun! – I don’t care what the news says (they lie), you need the sun to be healthy. Just go out and get pink (not burned) every day. And no rubbing that toxic garbage on your skin! Just stop it already. For those of you in areas that have little sun, I advise getting plenty of vitamin D in your diet.

You need the Earth! – Like it or not we are electrical beings. We have been touching the earth for most of our existence. When was the last time you touched the “actual” ground, Without rubber shoes? While you are getting your sun, get barefoot and feel the earths energy. This is a proven fact not some hocus pocus, so don’t look at me that way. No Superfoods Diet is complete without the earth and sun.

Stay away from Chemicals! – That means no putting anything on your skin that you would not consume in your body. The skin DOES digest things (a simple way to put it). When you add those aluminum deodorants and carcinogenic dyes to your body, they go right inside and cause major problems (if not cancer). Go see Nadine Artemis about your skin care, a lovely site with NO CHEMICALS.

Eric’s perfect face love

This one is really a no brainer. Take care of your face, look younger, be treated better, and feel better. Just follow the steps in The Perfect Face Cleanser and profit.


Yeah yeah, do that, haha. You don’t have to go nuts with exercise to look great though. Get a $40 rebounder from the local sports store, and jump on it for 15 minutes a day a few times a week. Find a local sauna and do that when you can too. Infrared Saunas are awesome if you can find them. Then just get out and walk, or better yet hike a few times a month. Try to find new places, as a different view can change your life.

This IS the diet I am on, and I feel fantastic. Every day is The Best Day Ever! (thanks Avocado)

Love yall,


As always, give me some feedback on the Superfoods Diet (form below). This is seriously the best diet I have ever seen, and I really want to hear your results. My health just keeps getting better and better.