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Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy answer here. Although I do have to tell you to “check with your doctor”, I must also warn that many doctors just don’t have much education in this field. As this is a very important subject, and you probably would not be asking if you were feeling “yourself”, try to make this a priority. Find out what his/her education is on this subject and make a value decision. Perhaps even run this page by your physician and see what they have to say about it.

If you want to skip right to the numbers, we have a link at the bottom of this article.

“A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man.” – Miguel de Unamuno

As we live in an estrogen dominant world today, many people are searching for ways to “get their life back”. I know, I was one of them. After being told the wonders of soy milk, I started drinking it every day. What is worse, I was drinking it with my coffee every day (another estrogen increase). In less than a year, I had little to no libido, was feeling weak, and had no inner power anymore. I was under 40 for gods sake!!!

I advise you to read my article Men Taking Estrogen (Man or Woman) as this will give you the basics on how to lower your estrogen. If you wish to increase your estrogen, you could do the opposite, although I can’t recommend eating out of plastic for anyone when they can help it (or a toxic liver).

As I advise a natural method, your body will likely do most of the work and balance itself out. I DO NOT recommend using any form of pharmaceutical drug unless absolutely necessary. So before doing so, please ask if you MUST do it vs. some natural method. Drugs always seem to have unwanted side effects, and we have enough to deal with as it is. Not to mention the many natural ways available to try first. Maca is by far my favorite hormone balancing superfood.

I also encourage you to look around and learn. There are so many resources on the internet. Just be aware of companies just trying to “make a buck” or have strange ingredients you cannot look up for yourself.

Also, you should also have your estradiol checked. If you estradiol is out of whack it can be linked to very serious health problems (say prostate or breast cancer, eek). The good news is balanced hormone levels are possible for most people with a few herbs and superfoods daily.

To see your basic target number (testosterone normal range) for men and women, see below, or use the link for more detailed information.

The following are the normal testosterone levels in women by age:

  • 1 month to puberty < 10 ng/dL (< 0.35 nmol/L)
  • 7 to 9 years = 1-12 ng/dL (0.04-0.42 nmol/L)
  • 10 to 13 years = 2-53 ng/dL (0.07-1.84 nmol/L)
  • 14 to 17 years = 8-53 ng/dL (0.28-1.84 nmol/L)
  • Pre-menopausal = 10-70 ng/dL (0.35-2.43 nmol/L)
  • Post-menopausal = 7-40 ng/dL (0.24-1.39 nmol/L)

The following are the normal testosterone levels in men by age:

  • 7 months to 9 years < 30 ng/dL (< 1.04 nmol/L)
  • 10 to 13 years = 1-619 ng/dL (0.04-21.48 nmol/L)
  • 14 to 15 years = 100-540 ng/dL (3.47-18.74 nmol/L)
  • 16 to 19 years = 200-970 ng/dL (6.94-33.66 nmol/L)
  • 20 to 39 years = 270-1,080 ng/dL (9.00-37.48 nmol/L)
  • 40 to 59 years = 350-890 ng/dL (12.15-30.88 nmol/ L)
  • 60 years and older = 350-720 ng/dL (12.15-24.98 nmol/L)

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