The Best Detox Diets

The Best Detox Diets


The short answer for the Best Detox Diets is, just buy this one. It is by far the best I have found so far.

As detox diets are the main theme of this site, you will find all the BEST detox diets throughout its pages. There are common themes among them which allows you to pick and chose to make the best detox for you personally.detox

The best detox diets usually include the following:

  • Easing into it – Many times I have “got the itch” to do a detox, so I go headstrong into it. This can be a real challenge for the body. If you have built up toxins in the colon, kidneys, liver, brain and skin, releasing them all at once, it is going to be a toxic overload. My advice is is to start slow and end slow.
  • Organic Whole foods – Most processed foods contain the things you are trying to get rid of. Start and end your detox with pure, whole foods. Remember the best detox diets start with things you like, so make it fun! Replace white sugar with honey or grade B maple syrup, etc…
  • Cleansing food or drink – You need something that will pull toxins, not just the digestive system, but from the entire body. There are some basic foods that do this, and you can combine them in any way you choose. See the article 7 day detox diet for some good suggestions.
  • Removing the toxins released – As I have said in many articles, this may be THE MOST important step. Failure to follow this may make things worse than no cleanse at all. When you detox your system, that toxic waste has to go somewhere. What happens to many people, is that it ends up in the colon where it is re-absorbed right back into you bloodstream. I am sure many of you are saying, “oooh, THAT is what happened”!

“Once you understand what these energies are (Ching, Chi and Shen), once you actually grasp them in your mind, then you take the herbs for awhile and yThe Best Detox Dietsou say to yourself, “Yes, it’s actually doing that.” That’s the thing; it’s actually building an energy”- Ron Teeguarden (Dragon Herbs)

Here is the way to remove toxins once released:

Drink large amounts of water. Even if you are doing a liquid detox, if you have taken in a substance that releases toxins, drink more water within 20 minutes of it. You can almost time it yourself, as you will start to have that “sick” feeling about then. Drink, drink, drink! Then jump up and down, and flush it out.

Other ways to help remove those toxins for good.

  • Psyllium husk

Other things to think about

You may want to add a whole food powder or pill to your diet. My personal favorite is Vitamineral Green. I add it every day to give me nearly all the nutrients I need Zeoliteto live. The powder is great for me, but my mother takes the capsules. Either way, you are helping to keep the body healthy, while you rid it of toxins. Feel free to use your personal favorite if you have one. Just make sure it is organic, whole food form. And most importantly, something you will do! “Compliance is the first rule of herbalism. you don’t take your herbs, they cannot do you any good.” ~ Ron Teeguarden

Please send me any feedback you have on the Best Detox Diets on the form below. I love to hear from you!