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The Best Face CleanserThe Best Face Cleanser

I am sure deep down, you already know this. The chemicals you are putting on your body are toxic! But this is the new you, and you are not going to stand for it anymore. Time to throw the old garbage away and get with the BEST FACE CLEANSER!

Here are some things you can do right away to look better than ever, and get rid of those toxic products.

First and foremost, NEVER put anything on your skin, unless you would put it in your mouth (with a few exceptions). It is not far from the same thing. Your skin absorbs much of what you put on it into your bloodstream. It is MADE to do this, so why fight it.

“The expression a woman wears on her face is far more important than the clothes she wears on her back.” – Dale Carnegie

If you are using DEET for bugs, sunscreen for the sun, and makeup for the boys, you are absorbing those things into your body. The crazy thing is, there are whole food solutions which work much better, cost less, and will actually make you healthier. The only reason you don’t know about this is because the corporations don’t make money on it.

PeopleCleaners best face cleanser (oh, and by the way, this is really fun)

1. Mud mask – Buy yourself some Bentonite or Zeolite. It is a truly natural detoxifier you can use throughout the body. It is also very inexpensive (per use). Add to your bath and even your smoothies for great detoxification. It is also VERY good for heavy metal detox.

Zeolite2. Lemon / Cucumber wash – Super easy! Just buy an organic lemon and cucumber. Mash some of each in a small bowl, and put it all over your face. Wait 10 minutes and wash it off with clean water (see caution below). The lemon will even out any blemishes or age spots you have naturally. After a few days of this, you can switch to just cucumber and start regaining your color. This is the best face cleanser the money machine wants you to forget about.

Caution: Tap water is not good for you, or your skin. You can read the article The Best Water Ever to get more information. What is most relevant to your face is the chlorine. It kills the good and bad bacteria. YOU WANT the good bacteria for healthy skin.

3. Replace the oil – I propose switching each day to a different oil, and remember “less is more”. You only need a small amount of oil to cover a large area of skin.

Here are the types of oil I recommend:

  • Raw, cold pressed olive oil – Amazing and will give you a glow people will notice. It must be raw, cold pressed, extra virgin, and in a DARK BOTTLE. Most oils should come from dark bottles to keep them fresh. The manufacturers know this, but customers “want to see the oil”, so they poison you for your own good (seriously).
  • Raw, cold pressed coconut oil – A bit lighter than olive oil and wonderful for the skin. As David Wolfe would say; Coconut oil belongs in three places in your house, “The kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom”. I could not agree more.
  • Seabuckthorn – This is the base product for most of Living Libations skin care line. And you won’t find a place more “natural” than this one. In fact, you can pretty much get all the skin, body, and mouth products from here and not have to worry about any of the problems listed above.

Skin CleanseOils can be pretty heavy. So after adding any heavy oil, I recommend this:

Let the oil set for about 15 minutes. Take a face towel and run hot water on it. Quickly ring and put it all over your face. Let the heat “steam” your face, and do not rub. As the towel cools, rinse in hot water again and repeat this two more times. Again, no rubbing, this should steam off the majority of oil and toxins leaving your skin soft and glowing.

That is it! I dare you to do this for a week and tell me you do not get more complements than ever. Out of all the people who have tried this, I have not gotten anything but amazing positive feedback. Just don’t skip any steps please.

Have you found anything better than this? This article is called the BEST FACE CLEANSER, and I aim for it to be just that. So please give me feedback on the form below.



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