The Detox Diet

THE Detox Diet


The Detox DietI have decided to make a “quick start” article for detox diets. Something that is a basic guideline not only to cleanse your body, but to add amazing foods to your life. I have also added some things you should avoid whenever possible.

By following this program, you will begin to take away the toxic foods slowing you down, and things will usually start to improve automatically. This is a quick and powerful combination of many of my articles.

“we are witnessing corporate-government seizure of the means by which humans survive and thrive. Major corporations, backed by government, are causing cancer and other diseases with their toxic products. Yet, natural foods and remedies are being criminalized, forcing us to rely on Western drugs with often lethal side effects. On top of this, our water supply is deliberately treated with a substance that, among other problems, lowers intelligence.” – Rady Ananda

Here are some improvements you should see after about 3 days:

  • Think more clearly – I have added things that will help to remove heavy metals and other toxins from your body (especially the brain). It is amazing how clear your thoughts will become in just a few short days.


  • Balance your weight – Many of you will be surprised that it is not the amount of food you eat that decides your weight. When you eat foods that trick your brain and manipulate your hormones, your body can react in crazy ways. Time to stop that roller-coaster forever.
  • Have more energy – This is the good clean energy you had when you were a kid. Before your body got bogged down by toxins. Many kids today have never gotten to see what that feels like.

Here we go!

The best way to start your day, is to have a big glass of pure spring water upon waking (I emphasize in glass). This one thing can start your whole day off right. Sadly, good, clean spring water is getting harder to find (that has not been messed with, or put into plastic). So get the best water you can, and treat it like gold.

Now it is time to take a good hard look at what you are eating for breakfast. What you think is healthy may be less than the best ever. Read the labels carefully. If the ingredients have any of the following, remove them from breakfast, and all other meals.

Artificial sweeteners – These toxic substances are far worse than just using sugar. REMOVE THEM TODAY. This may be hard in the case of Aspartame as it is highly addictive.

HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) – REMOVE IT! It is not natural, and it is not just like sugar but sweeter. It is toxic double genetically modified (GMO) poison (that is my opinion, do your own research and see if you agree).

I invite you to look at my ten worst foods and just remove them all. But the two above must go at minimum, then start to remove the others. Here is a quick list so you can be looking for them. It is silly to do a detox diet, while adding the toxins you are supposed to be detoxing from.

GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) – Most corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets. If they are not organic, lose them. You WILL thank me on this one. When the research comes out, we are going to find GMO food was the worst decision in food ever made.

Limit Sugar – There is no need to remove sugar altogether. Just try to stick to the natural stuff in reasonable amounts. Many of us have Candida or yeast problems. At some point, it will be smart to do a Candida detox diet or Body Ecology diet to clean that out. Until then, I recommend Raw Honey and Grade B Maple Syrup. Both are full of nutrients. Stevia should be used whenever possible. We use it together with natural sweeteners for a perfect taste.

What to have for breakfast

To me, the perfect breakfast (not just on a detox diet) includes a shot of Coco Biotic (or some form of probiotic), and a Superfood Chocolate Shake. The aim is to get as many superfoods into your body as possible. What you do not get for breakfast you can add to later meals. You don’t need every superfood every day, but at least 3 times a week if you can manage. Try making a list of superfoods and check them off.

Lunch or dinner

If you started your day with a few superfoods, you are already off to an amazing start and probably feel great. Just try to find a way to add a few more great foods to your diet for your other meals. If you like salad, I recommend making a Green Dragon Dressing and bringing it with you. You can then get a salad anywhere and add your superfoods.

If you are not a salad eater, try drinking a glass of Vitamineral Green. I feel it is the best green superfood powder on the market. If you have some extra time, look up the ingredients and see just how awesome this stuff is. It does come in capsules if you REALLY hate green stuff.


Have a probiotic before every meal. This important part of a detox diet has been done in many cultures thought the world. The Western world has seemed to forget, at our peril. With the daily toxins we are facing in our food, probiotics are more important than ever. Read my article on probiotics 101 and pick a few of your favorites to add to every meal. A healthy gut means healthy digestion.

Other than that, you can have whatever you want. Just try to limit the worst foods and add as many of the best foods as possible.

In the evening

Sit back and enjoy a cup (or two) of herbal tea. My favorite mix is:

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea (the best tea in the world, get some)
Cats Claw
Pao De Arco

That is it!

Just try a few weeks with this Detox Diet and you will see a huge difference in your life. All of my experience and research has pointed me in this direction. Not all people are the same (blood type, etc…), so while one person may love raw milk, and have it every day, another may down chlorella by the pound. The great thing is that each are packed full of goodness and you should BOTH see great results.

It has been my pleasure to bring you what I feel is THE detox diet. Nothing posted here is done without your feedback. So please, try it and let me know your results on the form below. So far, nothing but happiness has been reported. Many of you are not only thinking clearer, feeling lighter, and passing your own knowledge onto others.