Top Ten Worst Foods

Top Ten Worst Foods and Additives


Worst FoodsTop Ten Worst Foods and Additives

There are many pages out there on “The Worlds Worst Foods”, but they mostly contain things you will never see, much less put in your body. This is a list of the top ten worst foods and and additives you are VERY LIKELY get into your body. So although some $500 Blowfish from Japan may kill you if it is prepared wrong, the substances below are probably much more dangerous to YOU (and your families).

1. Aspartame – If you are not aware of the deadly and addictive nature of this toxic sweetener, please read my articles on Aspartame Danger and Aspartame Withdrawal. I predict this substance will be banned within the next few years (boy was I wrong). There is just no reason to allow this toxin into our food supply. Splenda is not far better and has also caused a variety of brain problems.

“One liter of an aspartame-sweetened beverage can produce about fifty-six milligrams of methanol. When several of these beverages are consumed in a short period of time (one day, perhaps), as much as two hundred fifty milligrams of methanol are dumped into the bloodstream, or thirty-two times the EPA limit.” – Carol Simontacchi

2. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) – Although most people are aware this is a horrible brain destroying food additive, food manufacturers have found new ways to trick you into eating it. Please see my article on Other Names for MSG.

3. GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) – Another Monsanto Franken-food creation. I am not being dramatic when I say our food supply is in grave danger. Please help us Stop GMO seeds. This makes Monsanto alone responsible for the majority of our top ten worst foods. Is this by accident? I think not.

4. Pharmaceutical Drugs – There is no such thing as a “safe” pharmaceutical drug. They are ALL liver toxic by their nature. We have become a world that covers up the cause of illness (at great profit to the corporations) instead of creating healthy, thriving bodies that do not require these expensive drugs and treatments. It is time to move away from toxic pills and embrace superfoods. They may seem more expensive now, but healthcare will always be more expensive (and less fun) in the end.

5. Mercury – Called the most deadly substance on the planet! You really must try to avoid mercury whenever possible. But, no matter what you do, it will likely end up in your system. Make sure you do a Heavy Metal Detox at least once a year.

6. Fluoride – That “healthy” substance that is supposed to keep our teeth clean is really a neurotoxin. It was used in Nazi Germany to keep the people in concentration camps docile. Is it being used on us the same way? Ingesting fluoride has never been shown to promote healthy teeth. So why is it added to many peoples water supply? It is deadly industrial waste. Remove it from your diet as soon as possible. See my article on Bottle Water VS Tap Water.

7. High Fructose Corn Syrup – This is not a natural sugar. Several genetically modified organisms are used to produce this sweetener. We have NO IDEA what the long term effects will be, but we can see the short term effects are unhealthy obese people. Stick with raw honey or grade b maple syrup if you can.

8. Alcohol – I am not one to say “drink no alcohol”, but it is well documented that over-consumption of alcohol can do some serious damage to your body.

9. Cigarettes – The more you look into tobacco, it seems it has gotten a bad rap. Many of the longest living people smoke tobacco. That has little or nothing to do with the addictive, toxin filled cigarettes people smoke today. This is an important issue which needs much more study. Help me learn more and add to the nicotine detox diet page if you have any comments.

10. What do you think? – I have many foods and substances to add to this list. But I thought I would give you all say in this list of top ten worst foods and additives. Please use the feedback form below and give me your thoughts.