Whey Protien Dosage

Whey Protein Dosage


Whey Protein Dosage

Top three tips BEFORE you decide on whey protein dosage:Whey Protein Dosage 2

1. Get raw, grass fed, non-denatured whey

2. Use only when you are working out regularly

3. Get a pure form (NO SOY!!!!!)

This is a subject near and dear to my heart. On instructions from her personal trainer, my Mother began using large amounts of whey protein isolate powder. She added a scoop to her shakes early each day. During one week of training, she strained a muscle and had to stop working out. Her shakes had become her “breakfast” so she just kept making them (and still adding the whey).

Fast forward a month later and my mother is having serious kidney problems. She starts drinking cranberry juice and everything her doctor tells her, but nothing helps. So I began to research what could possible be wrong. You guessed it, large amounts of whey can be hard on the kidneys. If you are working out every day, this would probably be fine. BUT, if you stop working out, please stop, or lower your usage. This is an isolated protein and is not recognized by the body the way high protein food would be.

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Are all whey powders the same?

There are many types of whey powders, we need to identify what you are taking. It is best to get something as close to natural as possible, with the least amount of ingredients. I say avoid Soy at all costs unless it is organic, and you are female. Even then I would still limit it.

I recommend:

Raw, non-denatured, pure whey protein (concentrate rather than isolate). There may be trace amounts of soy used as lecithin (to mix ingredients), but no more than 1%.

What is the correct whey protein dosage?

For most people, I would start with:

20g before your workout
30-40g right after workoutWhey Protein Dosage
15-20 g every 3 hours for the rest of the day

Remember to drink plenty of spring water

The above is for building muscle only. From my trainers perspective, protein every 3 hours will keep your muscles from being used as fuel.

I am looking forward to doing much more research on Whey Protein. Just looking at the labels of most of the garbage on the shelves makes me sad. People are trying to get healthy and may very well be doing more damage than good.

Whey concentrate is still in its natural form. I believe this should stop it from overloading the kidneys as the body will know how t deal with it as a food instead of an isolated foreign substance.

Please feel free to give me some of your favorite brands below. I also love to hear your comments on whey protein dosage.